Mobile Software Management


High Availability On-Premise or SaaS Deployment with Failover Options enable the Software Manager to ensure 100% reliable software updates at scale. Network-efficient global downloads and a massively scalable server architecture support packages of up to 1G and campaign volumes of >2M per day.

Product description

Deliver over-the-air updates securely and effortlessly. mobileUpdate enables operators and device manufacturers to aggressively update their devices over-the-air ensuring that they will have the latest versions and fixes.  


Effortless software updates

mobileUpdate comprehensively takes care of updates: from initial service rollout, to interoperability and verification testing, through update campaigns, and beyond to emerging business needs. With mobileMD, handsets are effortlessly upgraded to the latest version or fix.

Push updates of any size large or small

Size is not an issue when delivering big-bang updates. mobileUpdate software updates support large update sizes, ensuring that device manufacturers can deliver anything from a small bug fix, to a medium sized maintenance release, to a large feature release. mobileMD delivers package updates up to 1GB over-the-air.

Updates anywhere in the world

mobileUpdate software updates serve mobile users around the world. The solution integrates with top-tier content delivery network (CDN) providers to offer a geographically distributed download solution. As a result, a user’s device always receives an update from the nearest download server, thus increasing download speed and improving reliability.


Bring device models to market quickly

mobileUpdate allows operators and device manufacturers to bring new device models to market quickly and with confidence, knowing that future feature releases and related functionality can be delivered to devices after the initial product launch. Device manufacturers see their brands stay fresh and current on all handset models.

Reliable and timely updates

mobileUpdate update capabilities easily push fixes, including patches for security vulnerabilities, to existing devices in order to improve user satisfaction, minimize user churn, reduce calls to the customer care and decrease costs associated with device recalls and returns.


mobileUpdate's capabilities keeps devices healthy, reducing user inconvenience and increasing user confidence.


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