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The Web Presence Group is a small website optimization company composed of a tight-knit team of digital marketing professionals. Members of the Web Presence Group include graphic artists, copywriters, web designers, marketing strategists and website developers. Many of the experts of the Web Presence Group have significant experience in Internet marketing, particularly Organic SEO, Pay Per Click advertising, and mobile marketing.

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Mobile App Development

We provide Custom Mobile Application Development Services. Custom mobile applications offer optimal control and flexibility in how you want your target customers to interact with your brand. Do you have concept or idea for a custom mobile app? Are you seeking an experienced mobile app development company to help bring your idea to life? Our custom mobile app development services can help. Whether you’re looking to develop an iPhone friendly ecommerce application of your products, a mobile help-desk for customer service, or an interactive map of properties and real estate listings, the opportunities with custom mobile application development are virtually endless. Once we plan and organize your mobile application concept, our developers can start programming your app for all major platforms and operating systems, including:  iOS – This operating system is suited for iPhones, iPads and iPod. Although there’s more than half a million applications at the Apple App Store, many existing apps do not meet the unique needs of businesses. For this reason, pursuing custom mobile app development is an ideal solution for iOS. Android – This is a highly customizable operating system developed for various tablets and smartphones. As a popular platform affiliated with Google, Android OS is supported by a large community of mobile app developers. Windows Phone 7 – This operating system is emerging as a major player in the mobile app market. As the successor to Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 is oriented to be more end-user friendly and offers a growing network of OEM partners.


At the Web Presence Group, we provide search engine optimization services for businesses with various goals as well as budget restraints. Our team of organic SEO experts put to use a number of resources and utilize only best-practices techniques to help clients obtain top search engine results. We offer experience optimizing websites for local industry professionals, small boutiques, franchises, vast ecommerce sites, and more. Our capacity to provide results-driven search engine optimization services is vast, and the quality of our services never goes overlooked.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Our team of Pay Per Click advertising specialists is well-versed in the fine art of PPC campaign development. In addition to establishing profit-oriented Pay Per Click programs, we provide ongoing PPC campaign management and PPC optimization services. Our experts stay abreast the latest trends and techniques in paid search advertising and exploit a number of paid search strategies. From utilizing the Google display ad network to implementing bid management tactics to ensure your ads are shown to only targeted searchers, we can help you transform your web presence through professional Pay Per Click services.

Mobile Web Optimization

Here at the Web Presence Group, mobile marketing is becoming a pivotal aspect to our website optimization services. Our specialists deliver mobile marketing and website optimization solutions in many forms. By uniting a number of resources and marketing strategies, we at WPG bring the most impact to your mobile marketing efforts. Some of our mobile marketing services include the development of smartphone-friendly websites, mobile search engine optimization, and mobile promotions via QR codes and text message marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing services can be the ideal supplement to your website optimization investment. Not only is content one of the most powerful tools for inbound marketing and increasing brand awareness, but content marketing is also recognized as a proven, white-hat approach to building links for SEO. Equipped with a team of proficient web copywriters, we are able to generate content that focuses on both your brand and your audience. And unlike some online sources for content marketing and website optimization services, our writers produce only quality, reader-focused content.



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