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Most Effective Mobile SEO Services for your Local Business

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Local SEO Search Inc. offers the best Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services in Canada.  We strive to ensure our clients obtain the best results for their SEO campaign by customizing each campaign.  We aim on being the industry leader in Local SEO in Toronto Canada... 

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The Strategy of Local SEO Search Inc. is to provide industry leading SEO Services in Canada

By investing a great deal of time and money into a website, you expect a positive return on your investment.  If your prospective clients cannot find your business online, it doesn't matter how amazing your website may look because there is no traffic going into your website. This is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital for all local businesses in Canada.  SEO connects your prospects who are searching on Google, BING or Yahoo to your website. Aside from the users, you’ll be surprised to know that search engines are also capable of identifying and classifying websites through complex coding.  Having your website rank on the first page of major search engines such as Google, BING and Yahoo is what Local SEO Search is known for... Read more

SEO Audit and Technical Recommendation by Local SEO Search in Canada

Google continues to strive for the best user experience and constantly changes their algorithm.  Website owners are trying to figure out what Google is doing with their constant algorithm changes so that their rankings do not drop.  Understanding how the system works can help you stay and maintain your ranking and even rise to the top of the search engines. Local SEO Search Inc. provides a comprehensive SEO Audit and Technical Recommendation to ensure that you will drive targeted traffic to your site... Read more

Marketing Your Site with the Right Content Marketing Services in Canada

Content marketing is both science and art in order to peak interest for those new website visitors.  Local SEO Search Inc. has a team of SEO content writers that provides the best content marketing services in Canada. With quality unique content on your site, we can tap into the list of authors and online journalist who can then broadcast your content on websites related in your industry. Our content marketing services will get you the best exposure that will increase traffic to your site, improve your credibility and branding for your products or services!... Read more

An Excellent Strategic Social Media Campaign is the Key to Audience Popularity

Have you ever wondered why some companies make it to the top in no time? A social media campaign is integral to the success of an online business. Creating the right content in a variety of social media platforms backed by proper knowledge and strategy can help boost exposure in the online world. With this increased audience reach, promoting products and services becomes easier.... Read more

Achieving Local Prominence with Local SEO Search Inc.

Local SEO Search Inc. provides local SEO services to maximize traffic coming from your targeted local audience.  Today "local" is where people work, drive, shop, buy, eat and search for businesses.  Search engines ranks search results and prioritizes those local results.  Being close to your target audience, their will be a higher conversion rate since your customers can easily contact you and meet you in person. All local businesses should put local SEO as their top priority for their marketing initiatives in 2015! ... Read more

The Most Effective Travel Website SEO Services in Canada

Local SEO Search Inc. are the experts in travel websites for SEO services.  Our passion for travel manifests in our SEO campaigns, and this is one of the reasons why we stand out from the rest.

The online travel industry and tourism industry was the first industry to adapt to the web.  This allowed customers to book online through a web portal directly with the airlines eliminating travel agents.  Local SEO Search Inc. has worked with global senior marketing executives from prominent travel sites and helped them achieve online success... Read more

The Most Effective Mobile SEO Services for your Local Business

With the rapidly increasing number of smartphone and tablet users, mobile SEO services is becoming increasingly in demand for local businesses and corporations. Smartphones are now becoming mainstream with the price of mobile data dropping in Canada.  Canadians are spending more time on their smartphones to browse and surf the Internet than PC's.

Gone are the days that phones were used to send texts or make calls. Smartphones can now be used to send important emails and access the Internet for research or shopping. In fact, mobile commerce covers a huge part of the e-commerce pie... Read more


Top Notch SEO Copywriting Services to Improve Your Business

You have probably heard the term "CONTENT IS KING" in the digital marketing world or even at Yellow Pages when designing your print ad.  If you want to have high quality content that are very informative and interesting to your target audience, you should consider hiring professionals.

Local SEO Search Inc. provides SEO Copywriting Services and other online services that can help improve your online visibility. We have a team composed of Copywriting experts who can employ various techniques in creating content based on targeted keywords and your niche... Read more

The Best International Website SEO Campaign for Your Business

Are you aiming to expand your company website globally and be seen all across the world? If you want to reach this goal and want your site to be viewed outside North America, you want to hire a professional who can perform an international website SEO campaign... Read more

Expert Link Removal and Backlink Audit Services for Your Business

Was your website recently penalized for poor backlinks by major search engines? Recent changes in Google’s algorithms have caused tremendous crashes in online businesses that used to be on the top pages of search engine results. If your site has been affected, it is time you need to do an intensive link removal campaign to clean up your site and bring it back to its previous state.

We provide backlink audit services to detect toxic links that need to be cleaned (removed).  If your site is suffering from a poor backlink profile by previous link building companies, or SEO agencies, it is time for a clean-up. This requires our knowledgeable and expert staff.  Usually this process is long and tedious... Read more

The Essence of Online Reputation Building

“Any publicity, good or bad, is still publicity” – this saying is prevalent in all forms of media especially the entertainment industry where 15 seconds of fame is the best form of publicity. But not everyone lives and breathes the entertainment industry’s mantra. For those that have a website and reviews are negative, bad publicity is never good for a business. It is more important and highly-valued for a website to have positive and a good reputation... Read more

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