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@hand provides a suite of powerful field mobility applications based on best-practice industry processes.

The foundation of @hand software is the @hand Adaptive Mobility Platform. The platform provides a cross-platform architecture that enables applications to support a wide range of iOS, Android, and Windows devices, as well as a data synchronization service that ensures applications can function online and offline.

Product description



The @hand Adaptive Mobility Platform enables mobile solution teams to:  

  • Create robust mobile applications quickly
  • Deploy to iOS, Android, or Windows 
  • Benefit from an open platform that works with market-leading development frameworks
  • Support the full lifecycle of mobile solution development, sustainment, and evolution.

A Powerful Foundation for Custom Applications

@hand also offers its platform to deliver customer-specific applications that meet unique requirements. With the @hand Platform, customer applications benefit from the same enterprise-grade software capabilities found in @handÂ’s applications, such as offline data management, application versioning, administration tools, and integration flexibility.

Industry experience in a variety of markets

  • Energy / Oil & Gas
  • Government / Defense
  • Manufacturing

Solutions that Empower

  • Federal Government
  • Banking / Finance
  • Manufacturing


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