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We’ve been designing and developing biometric applications for commercial use for over 15 years. We have extensive experience with iris recognition, fingerprint matching, facial recognition and multi-modal biometrics

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Biometric Solutions

Biometric security and identity management solutions

Every organisation is different, and your business will face its own unique security challenges. Working with the world leader in biometric security and identity management, you will have access to the most comprehensive range of practical, innovative and cost-effective biometric solutions available today.

With a clear understanding of the dynamics of your business and your objectives, we will deliver the best solution for your needs.

Argus Cornerstone

Argus Global’s flagship application, Cornerstone, delivers robust, flexible and modular solutions to reduce risk, improve efficiency and manage complex information needs.

Cornerstone works as stand-alone software, but it also integrates with other systems to provide truly value-driven, integrated products and solutions.

Cornerstone’s modular design means it can be deployed as a single application - or provide unified management across business-critical functions as diverse as:

  • Visitor Management
  • Self-Enrol, Self-Check Kiosks
  • Prison Management
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Access Control
  • Electronic Key Safe Management
  • Third Party Systems
  • Criminal Records Check

Improving Security

For many organisations the key driver for biometrics is the reduction of risk. Identification through unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprint, iris or face recognition, significantly reduces the likelihood of fraud, theft and even terrorism.

Testament to this are the numerous implementations in government, border control, military and other high risk environments.

At Argus, our biometric solutions are at the cutting edge of technology, with advances being made every day. As the technology continues to improve, so does the reliability and scope of our biometric applications.

We integrate with all leading biometric technology providers – including ievo (finger), Iris ID and Lumidigm (finger) - ensuring both secure and flexible implementations.

Fit for a range of environments

The drivers for biometric implementation vary considerably from one business to another, which is why our biometric solutions are designed to work across a wide range of applications.

We recognise that clients have diverse needs and that budget is always a key factor in adopting new technology. Our solutions are completely flexible and can be cost- effectively deployed in multiple business situations - from government agencies, to hotels and manufacturing plants.

Reducing overheads and errors in manual processing

Our identification and information management solutions automate identification and record updates to put real-time data at your fingertips - eliminating manual processing and reducing human error.

Our extensive reporting capability enables organisations to easily comply with workplace safety legislation and security mandates, and stay on top of business reporting and administration.

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