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Optulink, Inc., is a leading global provider of software-based network optimization solutions that help mobile operators realize more effective network capacity and RF performance by applying real-time automatic configuration through complex algorithms derived from IP flow and RAN information sources.

Product description

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is the hottest challenge facing many CTOs. As 4G networks evolve, the industry evolution to VoLTE is well under way.

New VoLTE-enabled devices such as the iPhone 6 equip consumers to benefit from better sound quality. In fact, VoLTE promises a host of benefits for operators and consumers as it:

  • Allows faster call set-ups
  • Frees up radio spectrum for data
  • Delivers competitive advantages over OTT voice services such as Skype
  • Enables tighter integration of voice with other operator services
  • Eases simultaneous delivery of voice and data to a device
  • Catalyzes new services such as high-definition voice and integrated videoconferencing.

But in the short term, CTOs find a number of challenges in the transition to VoLTE. Users are not getting the quality they expect. At first:

  • Dropped calls may actually increase, frustrating users.
  • Various VoLTE implementations don’t interwork, so call quality is uneven.
  • Both callers must be on the same operator’s VoLTE network to hear the difference in quality.

Optulink’s VoLTE optimization helps you smooth the transition to VoLTE service.Here’s how:

  • A single platform improves voice quality across your entire portfolio of 3G and 4G VoLTE voice services, delivering a more consistent user experience.
  • Optulink VoLTE voice optimization makes a difference that users notice.
  • Voice optimization eliminates the risk of customer churn during the potentially bumpy transition to VoLTE.

Bruce Peterson, CEO and Founder, explains the benefits of real-time network optimization.

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