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Remote Security Management


AGORA is a web application that enables Security Companies to sell innovative services such as: Remote Concierge, Remote Guard Tour, Supervised Access Control, Alarm Video Verification, Lone-Worker Protection.

Product description


AGORA is easy remote security for security companies or multi-site companies

Security companies can increase revenues by selling innovative services. Multi-site companies can reduce operational costs and centralize security operations.


AGORA is your service-oriented PSIM. AGORA enables the implementation of an unlimited array of custom remote security services adapted to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of different vertical markets.

  • You can implement your own (or your client’s) procedures and ensure that each and every event is handled in a uniform and standard way.

  • Or you can pick from the AGORA Remote Services library the best procedures that fit your needs.


Implement standard procedures the easy way!

Check our Remote Services brochure and discover innovative remote services adapted to different vertical markets.

Market recognition

  • More than 10 years in the security software market

  • Axis Top Partner Award 2013 – Partners Conference

  • IFSEC&FIREX Awards – Finalist in comunication product of the year


Security Companies


REMOTE CONCIERGE - Remote concierge is a service designed to handle the reception of visitors, employees or service providers from the private security company’s control room. Reception procedures and entry records can be fully adapted to each organisation’s needs. Information on reception services is made available in a report that can include a photo, video, audio and text fields. In addition, the remote operator can remotely open doors, de-activate intrusion alarms and control the illumination.

REMOTE GUARD TOUR - Remote guard tour is a service that can be performed from the private security company’s control room by an operator to complement or replace conventional physical surveillance patrols. The operator receives step-by-step instructions about what to do or to check at each point in the tour. AGORA records the check-list, the operator’s responses, and images associated with the tour. This record can be included in a full report and sent to the client.

SUPERVISED ACCESS CONTROL - This service allows a remote operator to handle situations originating from access control systems at entry points lacking permanent local guards. The remote operator can handle situations such as: • out-of-schedule access • forced entry • door left open for too long • card error • anti-passback Each situation is handled in a customised way, in line with each organisation’s procedures, by giving the operator step-by-step instructions.

ALARM VIDEO VERIFICATION - This service allows the remote operator to determine whether an alarm is false or real. AGORA is an easy way to reduce false alarms. The software correlates alarms from the same site and combines them with video, audio and a customised checklist

LONE-WORKER PROTECTION - The lone-worker protection service allows the reception of alarms via mobile devices, the location of an individual via GPS coordinates and the possibility of performing a sequence of contact attempts. The procedures to handle a no response situation can be customised for each organisation according to the lone worker location.

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