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Device Analytics


Mobilethink Device Analytics arms mobile operators with deeper insight into subscriber behavior at the device level. As a result, operators can now develop more effective device and service strategies, while differentiating their service from the competition.

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Gain Deeper Customer Insight with Device Analytics

Based on the most extensive and reliable device knowledge on the market, Mobilethink Device Analytics arms mobile operators with deeper insight into subscriber behavior at the device level. As a result, operators can now develop more effective device and service strategies, while differentiating their service from the competition.

Device Analytics automatically tracks each device-related event on a subscriber’s journey and combines it with information about the individual subscriber’s device, such as make and model, hardware, software, functions supported, and network related information.


Data about subscribers and devices in the device base of the operator is uploaded automatically or manually to the Device Analytics service. Depending on the required level of detail, the reporting is available at:

  • Device level – where the selected capabilities are presented per device (TAC)
  • Device Base level – where the selected capabilities are analyzed by popularity of total devices being used in the network
  • Subscriber level – where the selected capabilities are presented per MSISDN

It’s easy to extract the derived intelligence from the Analytics system through flat files, transferred to the operator’s internal systems for further analysis, such as Microsoft Office, BI systems or CRM. Or by accessing via the easy to use web-based reporting interface on the Analytics Portal.


Device Analytics offers easy-to-use report generation tools. These tools deliver snapshots of device capabilities across the entire base of subscribers, and allow users to share the analysis quickly across departments.

The Analytics Portal is web-based with intuitive displays making reports accessible to everyone:

Predefined Reports

Predefined reports are easily accessed via the Analytics Portal with analytics data such as:

  • Top devices on the network
  • Market share by brand
  • Smartphone penetration
  • Data capable devices
  • NFC capable devices
  • Camera equipped devices
  • OS platforms
  • Network support etc.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Enable users to generate their own reports on-the-fly by dynamically modifying the desired parameters. This can be by time period (start and end date), and filters on device criteria such as the device type. The ad-hoc reports are generated using a web- based query tool.

Integration with External  Applications and Data Warehouse

Reports published on the web portal can be downloaded in different data formats including text files (CSV) or Microsoft Excel format (XLS) for post processing. Excel remains a popular reporting and analytics client in many operator organizations and we have made the integration easy with Device Analytics.

Report data can be scheduled to transfer to pre-integrated third-party applications, such as BI, Data Warehouse or CRM, to enrich subscriber profiles and used as the basis for further analysis.

Device Level Reporting

Device Level Data are reports that contain raw data about the device make, model, type and capabilities for each IMEI on the network. To generate these reports, Mobilethink only requires IMEI records from the operator on all active devices on the network. Supplying these reports is as simple as uploading a text file with IMEI records to the Analytics Portal.

Mobilethink also offers a raw data feed extracted from the Device Capability Repository that has no links to devices on the operator’s network and their IMEI.

This data is particularly useful for enriching subscriber profiles with information about devices and their capabilities.

Device Base Level Reporting

With Device Base Reporting, operators segment their subscribers by analyzing the most popular devices on the network by device brand, model, type and any combination of device capabilities. The device population can be tracked in time to better understand trends. It’s a simple and effective tool for marketing professionals to measure the addressable market for new services by the number or percentage of subscribers using devices with a specific capability profile.

  • Device population by device brand
  • Device population by device model
  • Device population by device type e.g. Smartphone, Feature phone, dongle, USB, etc.
  • Device population by device capability, e.g. GPRS, 3G, MMS, OS, etc.

Subscriber Level Reporting

Subscriber Level Data offers reports where the capabilities for each device are mapped to the Mobile Number (MSISDN) of the device owner.

The Subscriber Level Reports are well suited as direct data input to run targeted campaigns towards a carefully segmented subscriber population.

Operators can use this data to analyze segments of subscribers:

  • Using a specific device model with a certain mix of features
  • Using grey market devices with cloned IMEI
  • Using multiple handsets with the same SIM card (when IMSIs available)
  • Using dongles
  • Using handsets from a specific brand
  • Owning more than one device

Analysis of more complex pieces of data can be done in the operator’s own BI and Analytics platform, to uncover:

  • Which end-users changed their handset in the past 90 days
  • On average, how long end-users use a handset before they change to another handset
  • Who the first-time Smartphone owners are
  • Device population by outbound roaming subscriber (if IMSI is available)

Operator Group level Reporting

Operator Group Reporting is available to operator organizations with several multinational subsidiaries, and where a centralized view on all the Device Analytics reports is required.

Individual operators within the group have access to their own data, while the central entity has access to data of all participating operators.

Advanced Analytics

With Mobilethink Device Analytics operators can correlate data captured by the device analytics service with their own user data, to provide an even deeper and broader device-centric view on subscriber profiles and behavior. As well, operators can fetch data from Mobilethink’s Subscriber Repository and gain even deeper subscriber insight with devices that have been configured with OTA settings.

Here are nine examples of advanced analytics where data from Device Analytics is combined with other sources of subscriber- and service usage information for greater business value:

  • Device profitability: Data revenue per device
  • Device load on network: Data usage per device
  • Subscribers using devices with data support but not using data
  • Subscribers switching to more feature oriented device
  • Subscribers using 3G handset with a 2G SIM card
  • Device population by data plan e.g. unlimited data, SIM only, phone as a modem
  • Number of calls to customer services by device type
  • What geo locations got most “data hungry” handsets
  • Smartphones used with SIM cards with a “broadband“ data plan

Advanced Analytics are generated using the mobile operators own BI system and with the assistance of Mobilethink’s data and analytics experts.

Delivery Options

Mobilethink’s Device Analytics is offered as a Cloud service.

As a result, essential device capability data stays fresh because of the embedded advantages of Cloud services. This means that the data in reports, log files and API are always available with the latest intelligence on recently launched devices.

Report generation can be scheduled to run at a configured time: monthly/weekly/daily. Recurring reports can automatically be uploaded to a FTP server, transferred via HTTPS to the operator’s system (pull / push) or sent via email to a distribution list of recipients.

Generated reports can also be downloaded via the Analytics Portal. Reports are available in various data formats including Excel, PDF, and text (csv).

Upload of data feeds to the Device Analytics system can be transferred automatically via FTP. Upload frequency can be configured. Data feeds can also be uploaded manually via the Analytics Portal.

Device Analytics is seamlessly integrated with Mobilethink’s Device Intelligence eco system that also includes Automatic Device DetectionAutomatic Device Configuration and Automatic Device Policing.

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