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Logentries. Analytics & Visualization. Using your logs as data gives you the ability to identify key trends and correlate events across your systems.  Instantly search & track your most important log events as they happen.

Aggregate, filter & alert on your log streams in real-time. Analyze log streams across your entire stack for reliable IT & Dev Ops.

Product description

Real-Time Search

Real-time monitoring and search gives you the power to search your log events as they occur for immediate insight and reliable resolution.

  • Aggregated Live-Tail Search
  • Custom Tags
  • Context View

Alerting & Reporting

Always be the first to know when something important changes or breaks. Logentries’ real-time service ensures alerts and notifications trigger within seconds.

  • Pattern-Based Alerts
  • Chat Tool Integrations
  • Inactivity Alerts
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Anomaly Detection
  • User-defined Thresholds


Nothing is more important than your data security and protection. We make your security our top priority and give you tools to meet your compliance requirements.

  • Data Filtering & Obfuscation
  • PCI Compliance
  • TLS Encryption
  • Automated S3 Archiving
  • User Access Controls
  • Dynamic Log Routing

Get Started with Mobile App Performance

  • Easily track and manage errors from client devices.
  • Perform Real User Monitoring (RUM) by collecting performance data from your mobile apps.
  • Use multi-device libraries to monitor real-time app performance across your entire application front-end.
  • See beyond download stats and track individual user behavior in real time to understand most popular features and usage trends.
  • With in-app logging, quickly identify existing or new device configurations that cause issues within your app.
  • Get deep, user-level context to identify and analyze bugs and app crashes.
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