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ClickTale Touch™

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ClickTale is a SaaS In-Page analytics solution that allows businesses to increase sales and maximize engagement by viewing their customers’ True-to-Life™ online experience - from aggregated heatmaps to playable videos of users’ browsing sessions.

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ClickTale Touch™



Optimize your website for mobile with ClickTale’s web analytics solution for smartphones and tablets

ClickTale is a SaaS In-Page analytics solution that allows businesses to increase sales and maximize engagement by viewing their customers’ True-to-Life™ online experience - from aggregated heatmaps to playable videos of users’ browsing sessions. 

Unlike traditional analytics platforms that assess page-to-page navigation, ClickTale reveals the customer experience inside the page, allowing companies to optimize their site and boost profits.


Mobile is a new game - with different rules - and websites that are successfully optimized for mobile have increased conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. Mobile site design should be simplified and prioritized to make the most of limited space, content should be cut to only the most-used feature set, and calls to action made clearly identifiable in the viewport. While these rules are well known - the issue is implementing them.  With ClickTale® Touch, you have quick access to the data that helps you integrate effective usability practices and develop a successful monetization strategy, so that your customers get the best that your site has to offer.

ClickTale Touch captures unique mobile gestures such as tap, double-tap, zoom, pinch, scroll, swipe and tilt. With iOs and Android support, ClickTale Touch captures information in your mobile site and measures metrics such as retention, conversion, demographics, revenue and more.

With ClickTale Touch, you can:

  • Optimize your site for touch interface by drilling down to individual session playbacks and gaining an understanding of how visitors experience your site from a range of mobile devices.
  • Improve mobile conversion rates by identifying what’s frustrating mobile users such as poorly designed pages or unclear call to actions.
  • Maximize customer engagement by learning which images, links and content on your page elicit the greatest response from visitors and adapting your design to be more successful.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by amplifying the number of customers who return to your site and recommend it, while reducing the number of support calls.

Are mobile users zooming in, but not getting the full picture? ClickTale’s unique Session Playback feature simulates gestures, zoom capabilities, scrolls and tilts, replicating every interaction with your mobile site. The playable videos of user sessions are viewed on a screen that imitates the actual size of each device, giving you the True-to-Life™ experience of individual visitors. 

ClickTale provides mobile-specific filters such as device type, device name, display size and operating system. An easy-to-use page console consolidates analytics information related to a specific page and allows you to segregate data according to parameters such as browser type, geography and first-time vs. returning visitors.

Session Playback

ClickTale’s Session Playback helps you to easily find usability issues, troubleshoot your landing pages, and uncover unexpected customer browsing habits. It gives you a virtual peak behind your visitors’ shoulders and allows you to understand exactly how your customers experience your mobile site by recording and viewing their every move, including tap, double-tap, zoom, pinch, scroll, swipe and tilt. With Session Playback, you can obtain qualitative, rich data in real time - by watching recordings of browsing sessions so that you understand what your visitors are trying to achieve on your website, and where they encounter errors.

Heatmaps Suite

With Heatmap Analytics, you can get an in-depth understanding of how customers interact and experience your most important pages. The heatmaps integrate data from hundreds or thousands of visitor sessions, and they provide an aggregate view with insights that are not available from a single customer’s session playback. Learn where people are looking on your page, where they are tapping, zooming, pinching, and swiping and how far down they’re scrolling. The Heatmaps Suite helps you learn which elements of your page are successfully getting the most attention. It shows you if customers try to interact with non-hyperlinked images and content on your page, and what elements of the site serve as distractions.

Form Analytics

Form Analytics is the ultimate solution for maximizing your online form’s effectiveness, reducing customer frustration and increasing the completion rates of sign-up forms, shopping carts and checkout pages. With Form Analytics, you can discover exactly how customers interact with your forms and why visitors start filling out forms but never complete them. Form Analytics gives you information about your forms’ conversion funnel, the interaction time with each field, where customers abandon the form, which fields are left blank and which fields cause errors and are refilled.

Mobile: Leverage the Opportunity

The explosive growth of the mobile channel presents an opportunity for every web-based business - a phenomenon that requires clear strategy and careful investment. Nearly half of American adults are smartphone owners and experts claim that by 2015, more US users will access the Internet through mobile devices than through PCs or other wire lines devices.

Reaching mobile users, providing them with the best user experience and optimizing their conversion is the main challenge businesses currently face. By leveraging the aggregated data provided by ClickTale® Touch, you can obtain the actionable metrics that allow you to improve usability, increase conversion and develop a successful monetization strategy for mobile.

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