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Cyveillance solutions provide enterprise customers and partners with a wide range of online threat intelligence. We offer trained security analysts; scalable, enterprise-level processes to sort through volumes of data; and advanced, proprietary technology, combined with human review, to provide relevant, immediate intelligence about threats and risks beyond the perimeter.

Product description

Our solutions consist of three services, available individually or as a package: Detection, Analysis, and Response. Rogue mobile app monitoring can help ensure that your customers do not unwittingly download unauthorized or malicious applications from online mobile app stores.


Our Detection services deliver regular automated reports of mobile apps that may be using your intellectual property without your permission, including:

  • Unauthorized branded applications
  • Unauthorized authentic applications
  • Modified authentic applications
  • Expired authentic applications
  • Malicious aggregator applications
  • Mobile device Trojan applications

Our easy-to-understand reports show newly-discovered apps, as well as previously discovered apps. By consistently adding new stores to our database and removing those that are no longer in business, the rogue mobile apps we find and report represent relevant, current threats to your brand, and reduce the need for time-consuming manual reviews by in-house staff.


Our Analysis services provide you with information about malicious or unsanctioned applications that may represent a threat to your brand, your customer’s data security or their privacy, and to compliance requirements. Our experienced analysts can deliver the sandbox output, a risk assessment of the app, a binary analysis of the app, and other “deep dive” work.


Our Response services are performed by security experts who track and report on removal of unauthorized apps from the marketplace or site on which they are discovered. We can also conduct take downs on a wholesale scale, or on a case-by-case basis to best meet your business needs.


Solutions by Function

Physical Security

Protect your executives, employees, events and business facilities from physical threats.

Information Security

Address threats to intellectual property and remove harmful content quickly and efficiently.

Get real-time data feeds on malicious payloads, IP addresses, high-risk hosts and more.

Mobile Security

Find and remove rogue and unauthorized mobile applications.

Brand Protection

Monitor your reputation and protect your brand, products and services.

Risk and Compliance

Address industry and government requirements and guidelines, and educate your employees.



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