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INRIX has the world’s largest driver network with more than 175 million real-time vehicles and devices from 100's of distinct sources around the world to then analyze through our traffic intelligence platform. Our comprehensive approach allows you to provide your customers with unparalleled insight, setting your products and services apart from the competition.

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INRIX InsightsTM - Just Launched

Through unique analysis into the movement of people, vehicles and commerce in cities worldwide, INRIX Insights™ is the first platform to provide business and government with the ability to tap insight from the connected car for use in planning new roads and transit systems, locating a business or measuring the results of a marketing campaign. INRIX Insights Platform Tools: NEW: Trips Trips provides a comprehensive solution for understanding the movement of people through the trips they take. It is a breakthrough in Origin-Destination analysis that reduces cost and complexity while increasing the accuracy of data and reliability of information using GPS data from a growing network of more than 250 million vehicles and devices. Read more… NEW: Volume INRIX Insights Volume is the first global population movement service that provides insight into how many vehicles typically pass a location by time of day, day of week at a location as well as actual vehicle counts on a specific day, time and side of the road.  Read more…  Performance Measures INRIX Insights Performance Measures is a collection of on-demand analysis tools tailored to provide public agencies with quick and easy access to reliable traffic data and visualizations for planning, monitoring and assessing the performance of their roadways.  It helps agencies drive cost out of daily operations, pinpoint areas that most benefit from road and transit improvements and better measure the impact of their investments. Speed With INRIX Insights Speed, archived real-time traffic data can be analyzed before, during, and after an event to qualify the impact of special events and incidents and create models for future construction planning—at one-minute intervals.  As well as speed positions can be analyzed to determine the average speed for all significant roads to accurately map and quantify the extent of recurrent congestion. Population Movement Information about how entire populations flow from one area to another is a powerful tool for building smarter cities, strengthening communities, and creating better customer relationships. Through our expertise in analyzing huge volumes of traffic data from hundreds of sources, INRIX Population Analytics offers new insights and business opportunities to many different sorts of organizations, regardless of mode of transportation. Easily uncover years of transportation insights to give your business a competitive advantage. Read more…


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