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Astellia is a leading provider of network and subscriber intelligence enabling mobile operators to drive customer experience and business performance.

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Network Operations & Engineering



Mobile broadband traffic is skyrocketing. Smartphones and tablets are selling like hot cakes, hundreds of new exciting applications are launched every day and the M2M market future looks promising.

Reaching customer quality expectations while managing traffic growth and network performance cost efficiently is extremely challenging for mobile network operators.

Astellia's value proposition

By using Nova, mobile operators can look at their network through the eyes of their subscribers:


Assess network performance independently & compare vs. market reference indicators

Trigger alarms to be informed on time of quality degradation

Troubeshoot any network performance issue down to the root cause

Analyze end-to-end call trace, radio measurement and protocol decoding


Fine-tune radio coverage, quality and mobility

Prioritize optimization tasks on the most popular areas used by high-value customers

Forecast future capacity needs

Detect issues through roamer focused analysis


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