Mobile Revenue Generation

Mobile Revenue Generation


It is our mission to help our advertisers acquire and reengage loyal and paying users for their mobile apps on a performance basis. 

Product description

AppLift Services

  • Campaign Management & Planning
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Creative Services

Campaign Management & Planning

Strategy  Plan the best UA strategy for your individual objectives.  Media Planning  Detailed plan to execute on defined objectives, allocation of spend to the most effective channels.  Execution  Delivering, constant monitoring and optimization of your campaign.  Reporting  Comprehensive reporting services according to your needs.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

We are committed to offering the best quality of traffic to our advertisers. For this reason, we take all necessary steps to prevent, detect and act against fraud.

Prevention  All of AppLift’s new publishers go through a rigorous vetting process before as well as at the beginning of their onboarding period, which includes a background check as well as a strict performance evaluation phase.

Detection  Our proprietary fraud detection mechanism runs constant checks of various campaign metrics, including post-install event, to detect suspicious patterns. The checks are performed at an extremely granular level.

Action  We take immediate action upon suspecting fraud from a publisher. In certain cases, fraud can lead to a definitive exclusion from our network. 


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