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We are relentless in providing results–driven OSS solutions with an emphasis on partnership, value and quality. DonRiver is comprised of global OSS experts and executives that specialize and have deep domain expertise in all areas of OSS and the telecommunications industry

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At DonRiver, our customers come first. Your agenda is our agenda. Your success is our success and these core values are what our customers have come to expect from DonRiver every day.

As such, we strive to deliver quality solutions, with teams of professionals tailored to suit our clients’ needs. Our approach and commitment to service differentiate us from competitors whose size and approach prevent them from establishing the personal connections we maintain with our clients. We value our client relationships and never take for granted their choosing us to deliver value-added solutions that advance and enhance their business.

Our track record speaks for itself. Don’t believe us? We’ll let you speak with our customers and hear first-hand.

Our solutions are helping CSPs meet both their financial and operational objectives.


DonRiver’s Consulting and Software Development services not only understand your complex and very technical issues, but we can quickly architect, design and develop solutions that specifically address your needs for tomorrow and beyond.

We can help in the following areas: –    Federated Inventory Management –    OSS COTS Product Implementation –    Network Discovery and Synchronization –    Complex OSS Data Migration –    Process Analysis and Optimization –    Automated Workflow Management

Our understanding of OSS and the challenges CSPs face are front and center in what we do on a daily basis. We provide full access to our customers throughout the software development lifecycle, work in short cycles with frequent feedback and demonstrations and are flexible to do our utmost to absorb changes in requirements throughout the project.

All this results in more predictable costs and faster return on benefits; more experienced consultants in the industry and executive sponsorship from start to finish.


Let’s face it…OSS is challenging…but we’re making it a lot easier. DonRiver’s OSS Federation platform is resolving long-standing challenges within OSS by removing time consuming swivel-chair operations between multiple OSS systems in order to deliver service faster and more cost efficiently.

DonRiver’s OSS Federation platform allows CSPs the ability to federate data from multiple OSS systems and present it in a single user interface. The platform is extremely flexible and supports leading vendors in OSS. In addition, our modular architecture allows us to plug-in some of our patented product modules – such as DonRiver Rapid Path Search, DonRiver Network Discovery as well as OSS analytics from Hadoop and Splunk.

The DonRiver OSS Product Suite is a context rich platform, built upon two core principles, one business driven and the other IT driven:

  1. Business process is the utmost priority, and ranks above system priority
  2. Federation leveraging existing assets and tools

These principles are the core of DonRiver, and drive the OSS Product Suite. We don’t seek to offer yet another product or tool, but rather a means for aggregating and integrating existing assets, whilst ensuring that business processes and continuity are at the forefront. Our platform provides users with precisely what they want to see, precisely what they want to do and exactly how they want to do it!

Ask us for a demo today and you’ll immediately see the difference.

DonRiver OSS Federation Platform


Telecom engineers yearn for the ability to visualize their operational (As-Built) and planned network on the same screen during the design and assign process.

DonRiver has architected, designed and developed a patent-pending solution for network planning that is dramatically changing the way network planners plan for future changes in the network. All planned changes can be included to understand impact on existing networks and all network technologies are supported with the following benefits:

  • Same user interface so no additional training required.
  • The ability to view the As-Built and Planned network in the same view.
  • Quickly and easily accept or reject planned changes.
  • Clear and precise management of interdependencies between network plans.
  • The ability to integrate with key systems such as order management, serviceability and activation.


DonRiver recognizes CSPs must understand how complex network configurations are connected in the network.Key operational functions such as service delivery and service assurance depend on detailed understanding of the network and the many interconnections between equipment types of technology types.

Rapid Path Search (RPS) is ‘vendor agnostic’ - it runs on top of one or any number of underlying inventory or network management systems and it is capable of providing paths across each individual underlying system or even combine the data of the underlying systems to provide a path across all the underlying inventory/network management systems.

  • Reduces service design and provisioning intervals
  • Improves MTTR
  • Alternate network paths during critical network outages
  • Provides NOC operations personnel capabilities to re-route traffic during network outages


DonRiver’s Network Discovery and Synchronization product helps CSPs significantly improve the accuracy of network data within the CSPs network inventory by collecting vital physical and network configuration information and synchronizing it to the inventory system. Discrepancies can be managed both automatically as well as manually depending on the discrepancy found in the network.

The DonRiver solution is a lightweight solution that doesn’t require metadata modeling, has simplified synchronization regardless of inventory models and parallel network discovery capable of finding & synchronizing entire networks in minutes.

Benefits include:

  • Capable of synchronize discovered data to DonRiver or any COTS or homegrown database.
  • Quick reporting that provides insight into misconfigured devices, under-utilized devices and unused device level licenses
  • Can save CSPs millions in physical lost assets (e.g. cards) as well as significant accuracy in first time to activation due to accurate data quality
  • Dramatically helps CSPs improve network capacity management


DonRiver’s Automated Workflow Management module provides CSPs with a flexible framework for workflow and process driven integration within the OSS as well as BSS domain.

The solution is a comprehensive end-to-end service order management solution that can support traditional and complex services and processes.

Our solution is powered on performance and visibility into service orders from start to finish. It provides comprehensive reporting for all order states including order decomposition, routing, provisioning and service activation.

Benefits include:

  • Built industry standard software and tools
  • Comprehensive reporting engine
  • Built in capabilities to support email and text notifications for jeopardies and more.


Behind our OSS Federation platform sits the DonRiver OSS Network Analyzer module. This module provides CSPs with in-depth analysis, informative reports and the ability to visualize various trends that are happening in the OSS.

We work with our customers to configure DonRiver OSS Analytics to aggregate vast amounts of network, service and end user data from the OSS systems and generate reports, view trends and take the appropriate actions to improve their job functions.

We’re partnering with industry leading solutions like Splunk and Hadoop to provide innovative graphical reports and tools that help make the data easier to use.


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