M2M Sevices

M2M Sevices


By connecting your system to Fortytwo, we will route and deliver your messages to your audience anywhere in the world through our advanced messaging solutions, allowing your systems to seamlessly communicate with your customers.

We facilitate automated communication across most major industries including finance, retail, hospitality, e-commerce, gaming, marketing, health, logistics and many more.

Product description

With solutions that focus on reliability and seamless integration, we partner with brands and enterprises in order to provide quality messaging solutions. Over the years, our specialised team has developed a suite of messaging solutions that facilitate your communication requirements.

Machines Talk

This phenomenon, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), adds value to objects as it facilitates communication between the object itself and other things connected to the network. It is the technology behind concepts such as connected cars, intelligent home automation systems, advanced energy monitoring and management systems and telemetry / remote-post devices amongst others.

How it works?

Communication between these objects is known as M2M (machine-to-machine) communication. Fundamentally, M2M communications can use a number of various protocols.

With over a decade of experience in telecommunications, Fortytwo is using its SMS and Mobile Data expertise in offering various M2M communication services.

Everything starts with a message. Talk to Fortytwo today to get started.

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