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Mobile Applications


Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, we are a technology company that specializes in custom software development and mobile applications. We have been widely recognized for our innovative approach to  software development, and we employ cutting-edge technology to solve problems and empower clients by providing them with products that they understand and enjoy using.

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Custom Software Development Colibri Software has worked with dozens of clients to provide custom software development solutions. We enjoy focusing on projects that use geo-located content delivery to optimize information that is delivered to the end user. Colibri has developed a mapping system that delivers targeted information to the end user, resulting in an intimate and customized experience using the software. We abide by the Agile Programming Methodology which allow us to quickly test and iterate our projects. Responsive Website Development All of our websites are made responsive by default, which means they look beautiful across all screen sizes.  All content is managed in our Locomotive Content Management System (CMS) and we specialize in medium and large website development for companies and communities. Mobile Applications Colibri Software has created multiple mobile applications that use geo-located content delivery to deliver content to users based on their interests and locations. We develop our mobile applications across all platforms and work with graphic artists to create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces.  

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