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Secure apps for your extended enterprise. Only Bluebox Security allows you to; Control your mobile security, Move at the speed of mobile and Analyze mobile app behaviour.

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Only Bluebox Allows You To


Control Your Mobile Security

Transform any app into a Self Defending App

Millions of Apps Secured in Seconds

Transform any commercial or custom app into a Self-Defending App with security that adapts and protects data even when the device is compromised.


Move at the Speed of Mobile

Dynamic App Management quickly responds to business needs

Achieve the Agility Required for Mobility

With Dynamic App Management from Bluebox, mobile apps are secured, distributed and maintained in a few simple clicks, no coding or device controls required.




Analyze App Behavior

Unprecedented Mobile Visibilityprovides actionable insights

Expand Visibility with Mobile Threat Intelligence

Gain insights into mobile app use and realtime attacks which allows you to adapt security policies to the evolving threat landscape.



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