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MDMify solves a common problem almost all organizations are facing today – How to maximize the business impact of mobile device use in the workplace? With limited resources and knowledge of an ever-evolving mobile space, enterprises often fail to successfully secure and manage their mobile workforce.

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    With the growing trend of personal devices being used in the workplace, enterprises need to establish a clear BYOD policy for employees. MDMify creates a customized Acceptable Device Use Policy to define standards, procedures andrestrictions for all users who have legitimate business use for connecting an employee-owned mobile device to the corporate network. This allows enterprises to maintain full control of confidential information across all devices.


    As demand for mobile devices continues to grow, enterprises are finding it hard to keep up with the challenges of securing corporate data. Data encryption, remote lock/wipe of lost or stolen devices, device feature control and location tracking are just some of the management tools MDMify offers to enforce corporate policies and standards. Whether it's an employee or corporate-owned device, MDMify can manage multiple devices from a single console.


    Security is our top priority! MDMify takes on a proactive approach to managing security protocols. MDMify manages all users, devices, applications, data in real-time and configures action-based alerts to ensure the integrity of corporate data remains intact. MDMify actively reports on device specific data such as rogue/lost or stolen devices, and jail broken/rooted devices to effectively monitor and maintain a secure mobile infrastructure.


    MDMify offers a secure and centralized location for employees to access up-to-date corporate data. Employees can share files with their peers individually or at a group level in formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Text, HTML, etc. MDMify's content delivery system can set priority levels, specify times fordocument availability, automatic or on-demand download and even deliver targeted content based on the geographic location of the device.


    Each enterprise requires security, control and visibility into which mobile applications (public or private) are being installed on their employee or corporate-owned devices. By providing a private enterprise app store, MDMify takes on the challenges of acquiring, distributing, reporting and securing the enterprise application environment. This allows employees to seamlessly access company approved business applications from one centralized secure location.


    Accessibility of email on a mobile device has become an integral component of any business. Enterprises are often faced with setting compliance policies to secure and prevent loss of data. MDMify delivers a controlled environment to prevent data breaches, manage user credentials, and remove or block compromised devices from the corporate network. Regardless of your email provider, MDMify can help integrate into your existing email system.

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