Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development
Enterprise Mobility Management


There is a new way – better and faster – to deliver innovative business applications that improve decision-making, mobilize key data and processes, and unite business and IT in driving bottom-line performance. This is Appian. The one enterprise application platform for your success.

Product description


Enterprise Mobility



More done, right now.

Mobile has become the global lifestyle. Get more done, more easily with Appian mobile BPM. Quickly mobilize your workforce with Appian’s natively mobile capabilities. Secure, anywhere access to everything needed…with no extra development time or cost.


Align your IT strategy with the mobile lifestyle

  • Your customers have new expectations of mobile engagement…meet them
  • Your workers are mobile…empower them to work the way they prefer
  • Your business can accomplish more when it’s mobile
  • Your processes do not pause outside the office
  • Your success is dependent on your ability to quickly address anything on the go

Create apps tailored to your organization

  • Mobile platform to rapidly build and deploy natively mobile business apps
  • Developer tools make building and deploying mobile apps easy
  • Records pull complete information from across multiple systems
  • Dynamic user interfaces that work instantly across the web and mobile devices
  • Process management embedded for building process and task orchestration

Converge everything

  • Social collaboration drives contextual awareness, so nothing is missed
  • Task management embedded in mobile BPM increases worker efficiency
  • Appian Records provide everything topical and relevant from across systems
  • Analytics and reports keep things on track, automatically
  • Mobile capture associates rich media from mobile devices to enterprise data

Deploy everywhere, instantly

  • Multi-channel deployment across the web and mobile
  • Enterprise apps created, deployed, and used easily…for whatever you can dream up
  • Embedded enterprise security in every mobile app for the most demanding solutions
  • Rapid adoption with a single, intuitive interface for all apps and all users
  • Mobile-first happens when you build once and deploy everywhere
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