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Mobile Solutions serves thousands of clients across a multitude of industries including construction, general contracting, transportation, real estate and software companies. Focusing on cost reduction, invoice management and mobile device management. Mobile Solutions offers a state-of-the-art, streamlined cloud-based solutions to easily manage telecom contracts, invoices and usage reports. 

Product description


Fast to implement. Simple to use.



Mobile Solutions simplifies enterprise mobility management.  When we say solutions, we mean effective combinations of service, well-defined business processes, combined with technology and human expertise that results in documented savings and proven value for our clients.

At Mobile Solutions we’ve mastered the art of making your job easier.  If you are in the IT world today you know the challenges facing your enterprise.  Mobility moves fast.  Keeping up with technology is one thing, managing all your inventory, cost codes and budgets is another.  Our cloud-based portal (MWA) enables you to have a clear view of all your assets in once place.   We’ve made it simple to see multiple carriers, multiple lines and products in one location.  You are able to manage your cost codes, departments, shipping locations and create customized reports.  In addition to this time-saving access we’ve optimized your account to save you money.  The service end of the picture involves our 24×7, LIVE, NO-HOLD Help Desk.


  • Proprietary cloud-based platform
  • Multi-Carrier platform (US & Canada)
  • Customizable login profiles (by Business Unit, Carrier, Cost Center, etc.)
  • Customizable reporting & approval process
  • Monthly ROI reports
  • Expense allocation and accounting
  • MAC’D (Move, Add, Change, Disconnect Requests)
  • Single Sign On Ready

Why should you pore over carrier bills, take support calls, sit on hold with carriers or manually build reports.  Your limited time is better spent doing what you are best at, your job!  We’ve just made it easier for you to be the hero.

Our solutions include:

Mobile Expense Management (MEM)

Mobile Life Cycle Management (MLM)

Procurement & Order Management (POM)

Real Time Expense Management (RTEM)

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