Can Digital Transformation benefit your business?


What problem we are solving? 

      • Help discover what’s possible with new robotic process automation technologies that can improve your business and which you may not know exist.
      • Enable to explore possibilities anonymously without letting anyone know what you may be thinking.
      • Save you countless hours of looking for them

For whom?

      • Business Managers at enterprises across multiple industries.


      • You describe and post your interests on our website
      • We invite most promising vendors’ to respond to your interest on our website
      • You review vendor responses while you stay anonymous
      • When ready, connect with your chosen vendors outside of our system

What’s Unique?

      • We turn finding products 180 degrees. Instead of looking through countless websites and trying to understand what may work or engaging vendor sales people before you’re ready, you describe your interest and let vendors explain how their products can help.

Examples of Use Cases:

      • Buyer Intent data: A new business discovered services that offer information about what their target customers are searching for. Instead of buying google AdWords they were able to launch a targeted email marketing campaign.
      • Touch-less automation: A mid size company managing tens of millions of square feet of office facilities discovered touch-less technology that can help deal with occupancy during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Visitor sign-in, room booking, HVAC control, Lighting Control can be controlled by voice.

Get Started Now

      • Post your request and receive proposals.

Can Digital Transformation benefit your business?