Software company uses AI to increase its B2B Sales

ClickDimensions a Marketing Automation Software maker understands the value of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the B2B selling process. They sell their solution to a variety of businesses who are looking to improve the ROI of their marketing spend. They describe their solution as “ Our marketing automation solution includes essential marketing tools like email … Read more

Appellation Earth uses Blockchain and IoT to track the authenticity of its wines

According to a Blockchain asset tracking article by Everledger half the French wine in China is believed to be fake, 20% -30% of worldwide $30B of wine sold annually are mislabeled (probably fake) and 30% of all alcohol consumed world-wide is fake.  Appellation Earth uses NFC (Near Field Communications) labels manufactured by Avery Denison on … Read more

AI “Bot” Helps B2B Sales Reps Improve Quota Attainment

Responding to inquiries, pre-qualifying and qualifying prospects, following up on prior communications, scheduling calls and sending reminders takes approximately 25% of a B2B Sales Rep’s time. These are expensive people so using them to perform such basic tasks instead of closing business is a big hit to expense and productivity. Demandbase itself an AI based … Read more

Walmart used blockchain to reduce product traces from days to seconds

Challenge When an outbreak of a food-borne disease happens, it can take days, if not weeks, to find its source. Better traceability could help save lives by allowing companies to act faster and protect the livelihoods of farmers by only discarding produce from the affected farms. Approach Walmart thought that blockchain technology might be a … Read more

AI used to extract financial data from multi-language financial reports

Annual and other financial reports usually are voluminous documents with text, tables, columns, etc… that do not follow any standard format. Extraction of key financial information is typically a manual process which is costly, lengthy and error prone. Infrrd IDP (Intelligent Data capture) Platform uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to … Read more

How Robotic Process Automation Reduces Business Operating Costs

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promises to reduce the need for employees. Many administrative tasks are already being replaced by software robots (Bots) in a similar way most factory tasks were replaced by factory robots. According to McKinsey report 35% of the US 8.1Million office and 22% of the 4million customer support workers are likely to be … Read more

Artificial Intelligence – Deep Learning Systems

This tutorial is intended to provide an intuitive understanding of Deep Learning to non-technical business managers who are trying to make sense of Artificial Intelligence and learn enough to be able to have a conversation about the potential benefits and the challenges of AI technology in their business. What is Deep Learning and how it … Read more

AI delivers 99.9976% confidence level Quality Control at BMW

Business Problem Like all car makers BMW uses robots in its manufacturing process. Real time quality control is necessary at every step of the process as robots can do the wrong thing as efficiently and in volume as the right thing. Detecting a faulty part in a process that handles 30 million parts per day … Read more

Airline saves 1000’s of hours with automation solution

Airline automates group bookings & saves 40,000of labor Anticipating a significant up-tic in air travel, airlines may consider automation to increase efficiency and reduce costs. A major airline implemented a new group booking process using automation tools from  A manual booking process for booking group travel takes over 3 hours to complete and involves … Read more