Digital Employee

“Digital Employees” from Olive are used in healthcare to improve Revenue cycle management, patient screening and data entry at a Covid-19 testing facility and to automate multiple workflows previously performed by humans.

  • 40 healthcare organizations with over 600 hospitals in 41 states embarked on Digital Transformation and are already using Olive’s AI based bots to save costs and speed up operations. Olive offers its bots in the form of Software as a Service. ( )
  • 2,000 bed health system uses AI technology based Robotic Process Automation  bots to perform 3,500 claim checks per day improving efficiency of 300 associates and realizing savings of 11 Full Time Equivalent Employees. Full story 
  • MedStar Health initiated a pilot to test Robotic Process Automation using Olive’s Artificial Intelligence technology based bots to automate 10 workflows currently performed by human workers. The workflows were in the revenue cycle department and included eligibility verification and charge capture. The pilot results showed labor savings of 7 FTEs resulting in $400k annual savings. MedStar Health identified 150 more workflows across 12 departments to automate next. Full story 
  • Tufts University performs 12% of all Covid-19 testing in Boston. They deployed Olive’s AI powered “digital health workers” to perform data entry in order to speed up the testing. The AI “workforce” initially will save clinicians up to 50 hours per day collectively in data entry, with an expectation that this number will increase as more tests are administered to the community. Currently, Tufts MC administers more than 1 in 10 (approximately 12%) of all COVID-19 tests in the Boston area, and has performed more than 100,000 COVID-19 tests in total since the start of the pandemic. Full story

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