This is what Automation did to manufacturing

Business process automation is an irreversible trend several studies show. Robots replaced manufacturing workers The impact of automation technology on the manufacturing industry over the past couple decdes has been dramatic as some of these statistics show.  One robot added in manufacturing between 1990 and 2007 replaced 3.3 workers nationally a recent MIT Study1  found. … Read more

Manufacturer processes invoices 10 times faster using Nividous AI based bots.

Calcium carbonate powder manufacturer receives hundreds of invoices from many vendors each in a different format. Four full time employees were needed to process them. Nividous AI based bots use Optical Character Recognition to extract key information and present it in a single format to Accounts Payable people for approval. Once approved the bot presents … Read more

Wood exporter automated customer interactions

46% of repetitive communications with customers automated using Pipefy email template. Bereneck, the largest wood exporter in Brazil, ships 2,000 containers per month to 46 countries. A 15 person operations department performs all tasks involved in processing orders, notifying customers, responding to inquiries. They were relying on EXCEL and traditional email to keep track of … Read more