Marketing agency automates customer interactions with RPA

Agency automates interactions with customers with plug-and-play no-code/low-code templates from Pipefy.  Marketing Company automated customer requests and reporting: IMImobile of South Africa., who manages multi-channel marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands in finance, retail and municipal services, is spending 80 percent less time managing its clients’ requests. The company is Pipefy no-code … Read more

UPC Netherland realized an ROI of 6 months using RPA solution

UPC Cable TV Customer service center uses desktop automation to reduce AHT (Average Handling Time) and increase up-sell & sales promotion success rate by 40%.  UPC Netherland realized an ROI of 6 months using NICE desktop automation products. “Our needs primarily revolved around enhancing customer experience while still generating greater revenue,” explains Marco Vianen, Vice … Read more

Desktop automation helps customer service agents

Blue Cross of Idaho deployed desktop automation at their contact center and realized annual savings of >$250,000.  “Specific NICE Desktop Automation procedures are tailored to respond to defined interaction cues by automatically compiling data from disparate systems and presenting the results on the agent’s screen in real time, along with relevant guidance. When more detailed … Read more

Credit Union automated calculation of variable interest rates using RPA

PSCU – Credit Union Services Company automated the calculation of Index Rates for Variable Interest Credit Cards.  PSCU provides services for credit unions that include traditional and digital payments, risk management, analytics, loyalty programs, etc… Every time the Federal Reserve changes interest rates new credit card rates must be calculated for customers using variable rates. … Read more

Credit card fraud investigators use RPA

Credit card fraud investigators at a bank use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to reduce the average customer handling time by 82%.  The system uses NICE bots and desktop assistants to guide customer service agents with pop-ups on their screens during their conversation with a customer, suggesting the next best action and documenting the process so … Read more

Desktop automation that helps employees

Desktop Automation makes customer service employees more efficient.  NICE Robotic Automation’s NEVA is an example of a desktop automation software that assists employees in performing routine but time consuming tasks. It is particularly useful in customer service centers where agents must handle a variety of customer calls and where fast and accurate handling of customer … Read more

Massive deployment of Robotic Process Automation at PwC

Massive deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at PriceWaterhouse and Coopers (PwC) helps employees handle various tax preparation activities.  PwC: Price Waterhouse and Coopers used UiPath bots to roll out RPA to its 50,000+ US and Mexico employees and is in the process of expanding this globally across the PwC network of firms. One of … Read more

How Ginne Mae is using RPA

ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) calculated and posted to a General Ledger daily by bots created at Ginni Mae. Ginnie Mae (Government National Mortgage Association) is using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to calculate daily ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) rates, to perform daily updates of the Ginnie Mae General Ledger and to assist with commitment authority reconciliation. … Read more

Mortgage loan processing automated

Mortgage loan processing automated by KeyBank using intelligent bots from Automation Anywhere. Mortgage loan application processing requires a complex process of data collection and verification. Applicant information along with third party documents such as appraisals and flood certifications, various look-ups and comparisons must be processed. This work is traditionally performed by trained employees. KeyBank with … Read more

Digital Employee

“Digital Employees” from Olive are used in healthcare to improve Revenue cycle management, patient screening and data entry at a Covid-19 testing facility and to automate multiple workflows previously performed by humans. 40 healthcare organizations with over 600 hospitals in 41 states embarked on Digital Transformation and are already using Olive’s AI based bots to … Read more