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Check Point - Mobile threat prevention expert

If your employees use personal mobile devices at work, you are likely facing the same problem as other enterprises do. We found a vendor who has a unique solution to this problem and you might want to check them out.

In August 2015, Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. introduced its Mobile Threat Prevention solution to allow enterprises to protect their environment from mobile threats. According to Check Point, Mobile Threat Prevention delivers the most complete platform for stopping mobile threats on iOS and Android devices.

VOTIRO Secured Inc.

Votiro Secured Inc. offers a unique approach to protecting corporations from cyber-attacks at their most vulnerable entry point, the corporate e-mail. Votiro’s Spear Phishing protection solution uses a unique signature-less technique to prevent cyber-attacks from malware for which the signatures have not been discovered. Read our company of the week feature on Votiro.

Dome9 Security

The level of sophistication that hackers are using to exploit weaknesses in the corporate and even private networks is astounding. Cybersecurity vendors need to stay ahead of these criminals in order to outsmart them at their game. It is encouraging to see innovative companies like DOME9 Security introduce unique solutions that help cloud providers protect their environments and their clients.

Argus Security

Cyber-attacks are not limited to just computers at work. They now threaten our personal safety in places like your family car. Thanks to innovative companies like Argus Security, we can take comfort in knowing that this company is working diligently to protect us from cyber-attacks in our own vehicles. Their product ArgusIPS is providing the protection we need to stay safe in our vehicles.

Cyber Observer Ltd.

Typical corporate security staff need to monitor all points of vulnerability in the corporate environment. There are many entry points that cyber-attackers will exploit. Thanks to companies like Cyber Observer and their CyberObserver Management Solution, IT security staff can now have a single point of analysis and threat level status.

Topspin Security

Topspin Security takes a different approach to protecting corporations from cyber criminals. Their DECOYnetTM solution uses almost military like strategy to decoy, confuse and destroy the enemy during their attack. Topspin claims to do what firewalls, ISP’s and anti-virus solutions cannot do.


Morphisec takes cyber-attack prevention several levels above detection. It seeks to disarm the attacker by removing their knowledge of the intended target. Morphisec’s Endpoint ProtectorTM turns the attacker’s tactics back at them. According to Morphisec, the Endpoint Protectors stops the attackers before damage is done.  

Corporate Processes and Eroded Working Culture

One of the biggest challenges I’ve ever run into in my career in the field of business technology occurred while working for big corporate companies. Much as these machines are capable of generating a lot of success, they can also suffocate initiative with the pillow of their “internal processes.”

Brand New Start Up, Brand New Development

Our new startup business was entering the social media space. We needed to develop a brand new application that would work well within the social and digital media environments. We needed to test our business concept quickly through rapid development and deployments.  Once again, we were faced with a challenge that most startups have to deal with: should we invest in building our own software team or consider outsourcing option first.