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Corporate Processes and Eroded Working Culture

One of the biggest challenges I’ve ever run into in my career in the field of business technology occurred while working for big corporate companies. Much as these machines are capable of generating a lot of success, they can also suffocate initiative with the pillow of their “internal processes.”

Brand New Start Up, Brand New Development

Our new startup business was entering the social media space. We needed to develop a brand new application that would work well within the social and digital media environments. We needed to test our business concept quickly through rapid development and deployments.  Once again, we were faced with a challenge that most startups have to deal with: should we invest in building our own software team or consider outsourcing option first.


The Good – The Importance of a Well-Defined Vision and Scope

Your ultimate goal, as a company selling services to clients, is to deliver the required services in the shortest possible time with the best possible quality, a reasonably low price and the biggest possible margin. As an entrepreneur with years of international success behind me, I founded a new technologies and IT services company that served clients in the United States and several European countries. I learned that managing a new technology company is more art than craft.

The Good and the Ugly of Real-Life Outsourcing as Learned by the Founders of 180FIND

Many companies like the idea of outsourcing their software development projects because it can result in faster, and less costly, product delivery. It also sidesteps the risks and expenses related to recruiting and employing in-house programmers. But not all that glitters is gold. The founders of have more than 35 years of experience buying software outsourcing services from suppliers located around the world. We've enjoyed the rush of some major successes. And we've seen a few "sure things" evaporate in a mist of unmet promises and horribly inadequate results.