Business Automation In Action - Issue # 2 May 6, 2020

1. AI is used to help manage sales teams 

"Gong Launches Deal Intelligence to Transform (B2B) Revenue Pipeline Management"    

Company "Gong" is the #1 revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams.  It helps you close more deals by shining the light on your team’s sales conversations.  It records, transcribes, and analyzes all sales calls so you can drive sales effectiveness across your entire team.

AI addresses common sales management problems.

  • Sales reps performance is uneven, 50% don't meet annual goals.
  • Deal forecasting is inaccurate. 
  • New sales rep training is time consuming and often ineffective.
  • No easy way to transfer skills from star performers to less successful reps. 
  • Sales Managers struggle with identifying sales bottlenecks. 
  • Self learning AI based platforms have the potential to identify trends and relationships that are not obvious to human sales manager.  

2. AI is used to up-sell customers while they are in a store 

"Harps Food Store deploys a personalized shopper App" 

Key features: 

  • Shopper creates a grocery shopping list 
  • The App helps navigate the store by creating goods location by isle  
  • Store can makes suggestions based on customer preferences/history 
  • Additional offers delivered while customer is at the store 
  • AI helps managers discover preferences, traffic patterns, how to make better future offers. 

Real time sales recommendation is routinely used in on-line e-commerce. For example, Amazon derives 35% of its revenue from product recommendation while customers are at the Amazon site shopping.    

3. Company uses AI to help target B2B customers

"AI Based B2B Sales Contact Database Announced" 

Key value proposition:  

180bytwo "operates in the space in between to help provide you a complete picture of your customers. 

  • Not just where they work – Not just where they live – But a true 360-degree view of who they are at the most granular level. 
  • We’ve created the most extensive profile of people with the best data available, from ethically used sources, providing you with the most accurate, up-to-date insights possible."

4. Complete platform enables on-line business model for restaurants 

"Florida convenience store Daily's Chooses Paytronix to Transform its Loyalty Program"

Key value proposition: 

  • Paytronix is an expert loyalty program provider specializing in customer loyalty, acquisition and retention for multi-unit restaurants, retail stores, and convenience store chains. 
  • The platform combines Order & Delivery, Loyalty Programs, Mobile Technology, CRM and Data Insights/Analytics in a single platform. 

The Covid Pandemic showed that restaurants and stores will have to at least temporarily change their business model. New AI reinforced technologies will play an important part.  

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