Business Automation In Action - Issue # 1 May 1,2020

Examples of how technology is used to automate business functions:

1. Virus cleaning robot:

The robot uses Ultraviolet light to kill viruses on surfaces, in hard to reach places and on difficult to clean materials such as protective clothing.

2. Digital Employee

Meet Olive the digital “employee”. Olive combines computer vision, deep learning and Robotic Process Automation to:

    • Handle repetitive tasks like pre-approval for surgery and other healthcare procedures.
    • Can perform the work of:
      • 127 employees doing authorizations or
      • 12 employees doing manual payment postings
      • 7 employees checking claims
      • Olive is now "working" in more than 500 US hospitals in n 41 states.

3Robotic store clerks

Robots monitor shelf inventory, replenish shelves, detect and clean spills.

4Robot sells cars claims their bot can contact prospects, make an offer, answer questions and schedule a test drive all without a human involvement.

5. Unique customer service Chatbot

Chatbot answers customer questions and detects customer intent and sentiment to assure satisfaction

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