AI “Bot” Helps B2B Sales Reps Improve Quota Attainment

Responding to inquiries, pre-qualifying and qualifying prospects, following up on prior communications, scheduling calls and sending reminders takes approximately 25% of a B2B Sales Rep’s time. These are expensive people so using them to perform such basic tasks instead of closing business is a big hit to expense and productivity.

Demandbase itself an AI based Sales & Marketing Automation product company uses “assistants” to automate these tasks saving time and increasing Sales Reps quota attainment.

The automates the interaction with a prospect by emulating a human. It “converses” with a prospect via email using AI algorithms which are able to ask qualifying questions, determine if the inquiry is a viable prospect and schedule a call or a meeting with a Sales Rep, follow-up with reminders, etc…

It also targets “suspects” which are companies that fit the target profile but have not been contacted yet to uncover opportunities using lists and emails.

The prospects don’t know they are communicating with a virtual assistant. In one case

a customer sent a message to a Sales Rep asking him to forward a greeting to his CFO not realizing that the CFO with whom the customer corresponded with was an AI bot.


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