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180find helps managers discover what business improvements are possible with new technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI.

There are hundreds of companies offering various innovative business automation solutions. Finding the right match is time consuming.

This is why we decided to turn the search process 180 degrees. Instead of you looking, you describe your situation and let the vendors show how they can help.

We decided to focus on the fast growing use of Robotic Process Automation first. To that end we created a solution directory which can help you decide quickly if there is something you want to pursue. In the future we will add similar directories for other types of products.


The founders have a long track record as technologists, high-tech product designers, solution implementers and high-tech entrepreneurs.

Jerry Witkowicz: 25+ years of managing implementations of high-tech solutions for North American and International enterprises.

“ I helped many businesses design and implement high tech hardware and software business solutions.” 

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Tad Witkowicz: Founder of 3 successful high technology companies 2 of which IPO’d. Angel investor and CEO coach.

“ My experience ranges from an engineer designing high-tech products to CEO of two NASDQ listed companies” 

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