A Brazilian delivery company grows its business using RPA solution

A Brazilian delivery company serving consumers with a 35 min max delivery of products from stores and restaurants has grown from 15 to 450 employees in one year. Their manual process of selecting, hiring and on-boarding new employees involved a lot of spreadsheets, emails and phone calls. 

Product delivery company streamlined rapid hiring and employee on-boarding: “James Delivery is a platform that connects consumers, 24/7 delivery personnel, and stores, delivering a variety of products. The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting social isolation caused the demand for delivered products to increase, and James needed to expand quickly to meet the demand.” To keep up with the demand they hire approximately 70 employees per month and consider 30 – 40 candidates each week. “Before Pipefy, all HR employees, between 7 and 8 people, were focusing on recruitment. Now, James Delivery has fewer recruiters (3 full-time professionals and 2 apprentices), even though the number of open positions remains high. “ Full case study here.

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