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What we do

We offer a new way to learn what's out there in terms of technologies and how automation applies to your specific situation

Automation is rapidly changing the way businesses operate and there is no stopping it.

Not every business is ready to buy but every business is interested in knowing if they are missing an opportunity or being blindsided.

We help business discover which vendors and which technologies could impact their business.

We made it anonymous so you don't have to broadcast what you are thinking


Discover using the 180find Platform

  • Anonymously post your interest and business benefits you want to achieve
    • No point letting others know what you're thinking
    • No unwanted sales calls from vendors anxious to sell you something
  • 180find publishes to all relevant tech companies to seek proposals
    • You discover if they have something interesting
    • Does it achieve the benefits you want?
    • You decide
  • You ask questions & communicate with vendors directly
  • Stay anonymous throughout the discussion
  • Go off-line if you like something
  • This is a new way to learn what’s out there. You receive real proposals specific to your situation.
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