Consumption of Internet media and entertainment is exploding, driven by services such as YouTube and Netflix, new direct streaming offers from CBS, HBO and ESPN, as well as Internet-connected mobile devices.  The consumption explosion is straining operator networks, resulting in poor subscriber QoE even in advanced broadband and 4G/LTE environments.  In addition, dynamic events such as the World Cup and software updates, like iOS 8, cause traffic spikes that also impact the subscriber experience, a key factor in customer retention.

PeerApp’s UltraBand open content caching platform augments operator networks to offer accelerated - local - delivery of Internet content of all types to end-subscribers.   The PeerApp approach improves subscriber QoE by eliminating buffering or stalls, increases operational efficiency, and opens service delivery and monetization opportunities.    With the move to 4K/Ultra-High Definition (UHD) video, the PeerApp solution becomes even more important for meeting subscribers’ QoE Expectations.

Beyond video, UltraBand is able to cache a wide range of content types, including peer-to-peer (P2P), gaming, audio, software updates and the like.  

More than 450 mobile, cable, broadband and campus network operators in 100 countries are using PeerApp’s award-winning open content caching solutions to accelerate the delivery of Internet video and other over-the-top (OTT) content. With PeerApp’s local content delivery, video can be delivered 12x faster by bringing it closer to end-users.  This significantly improves quality of experience and reduces network costs up to 50% or more.  PeerApp’s local content delivery solutions can also play a service delivery role, helping operators generate new revenue opportunities.

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