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SmartCX from Adroit Vista addresses the real challenge organizations are facing in MEASURING, MANAGING and IMPROVING multi-channel customer experience. SmartCX is taking a leading, machine learning approach in applying OBJECTIVE, PREDICTIVE and PRESCRIPTIVE measurement to every customer interaction and generates actionable insights for companies to create and deliver on specific goals to improve customer experience.


Customer behaviour is rapidly changing. Customers are smarter and more connected than ever before. Technologies have opened up new ways for customers to interact with organizations and each other. As a result, customers are far smarter and informed having higher expectations for their experiences with companies. Every interaction with a customer counts, making understanding, managing and predicting customer experiences more important than ever before.


SmartCX reviews and rates every interaction in a single channel and omni-channel experience considering the basic factors that matter most to customers. SmartCX aggregates interaction data into EFFICIENCY, EFFECTIVENESS and CONSISTENCY measures to which SmartCX ratings are assigned for single-channel and omni-channel experience. Multi-dimensional views of data are available to allow for the most useful and focused insights.


SmartCX applies proprietary advanced intelligence to understand single and multi-channel interactions, predict trends and impacts, and prescribe next best action. SmartCX allows for interactive prediction by users further enabling smart thinking and decisions.


Our Machine Learning approach makes the SmartCX measurement distinctly more objective, predictive and prescriptive than other offerings in the marketplace such as surveys, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) measures, and descriptive analytics. SmartCX offers unique and complementary value to today’s traditional CX measures.


SmartCX uses natural language search for viewing insights, making it easy and efficient for all users of the product.


SmartCX plays a valuable role in customer experience strategy and the related positive business outcomes such as: brand protection, loyalty, cost of acquisition, customer lifetime value and cost savings.


SmartCX is offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

Company: Adroit Vista Predictions
Location: Wolfville, NS
Contact name: Suman Kalyan