Fingerprint Recognition Module

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Fingerprint Recognition Module


Nurugo is the worlds first fingerprint sensor which can be used with virtually any Smartphone / Tablet which has an embedded camera and flash. 

A detachable fingerprint recognition sensor that can instantly transform non-biometric into fingerprint enabled gadget by utilizing existing camera and LED

Product description


Fingerprint Module

A fingerprint recognition input device that makes use of the camera and LED lighting, which every Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, etc. already has.

No power consumption, No cable connection

  • No power consumption or cable connection while other companies¬í fingerprint recognition products only work through external connection with cables.
  • Cost only 1/10 of other fingerprint input sensors.

Very strong against wet fingerprints

  • Products with embedded fingerprint recognition modules are vulnerable to wet fingerprints which cause authentication fail after washing hands or sweating.


No patent infringement

  • Nurugo¬ís fingerprint recognition method is an independent technology.
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