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OneVisage 3D face authentication solutions just requires the user to make a quick selfie on standard smartphones or tablets to authenticate.

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Your Face & Mobile Device Are Your Best Password

OneVisage 3D face authentication solutions just requires the user to make a quick selfie on standard smartphones or tablets to authenticate.

Our patent pending technology works in heterogeneous environments and conditions such as indoor/outdoor, day/night or with/out eyeglasses, making the number of use cases almost unlimited and applicable to many businesses: financial services, health services, e-commerce, telecommunications, e-government and many more. 

Enterprise Application Access

Making BYOD Security Simple, Safe and Inexpensive

With tens of accounts (email, CRM, ERP, IntranetÂ…) and thousands of logins entered per year, passwords is the biggest challenge in any enterprise environment. As workers opt for convenience over security, the time has come for companies to move beyond relying on passwords for protecting their applications and data.

OneVisage 3D facial authentication services provide a simpler, safer and more cost-effective solution to address the password challenge when accessing applications.

Mobile & Card Payments

Enabling Secure One-Click Payments

OneVisage elevates NFC or mobile payments as well as regular credit/debit card payments by providing a powerful authentication modality for both service providers and consumers, significantly reducing transaction cancellations and identity theft issues.

In addition, OneVisage 3D facial authentication provides flexible and high levels of confidence (i.e. bank level) that can be combined with second authentication factors such as fingerprints.


Digital Services & Fidelity Cards

Offering Safe & Personalized Digital Services

Within a short period of time, the number of services consumers access online has grown and the level of risk they are exposed to has increased seriously. As digital services mainly rely on passwords, which showed remarkable security weaknesses, it is now time to provide a safer and more convenient way to authenticate individuals.

Thanks to OneVisage 3D facial authentication technology, user can now enroll only once and use unlimited digital services in a safe, simple and cost-effective way.


Physical Access

Everyday Life Made Safer & Simpler

Buildings, homes, cars, boats, garages, there are many use cases and situations that require safer access without compromising convenience.

OneVisage 3D facial authentication technology can be easily integrated in physical access solutions to improve security and reduce operating costs while improving the user experience.

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