Mobile Identity

Mobile Face Recognition


Our technology works in every context from almost complete darkness to bright sunlight, and pretty much in any pose even while holding the phone at waist level, or to the side, or... you get the idea.  The next stage in user authentication is here. IsItYou Mobile Face Recognition.

Product description

Your Face is Your Key No more passwords, just you.


They are cumbersome and hard to remember.

Not to mention, they are easily hacked and do not provide sufficient security. 

With IsItYou - your face can replace passwords and get you into your email, bank account or digital wallet.  

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2nd Factor Authentication

Banking Services, Customer Service, Call Centers, ATM Machines, Cloud Services.

Keeping your mobile life safe is only the first step. Extending the security of IsItYou beyond the smartphone opens up a whole world of possibilities.

A smartphone protected with IsItYou is a uniquely personal device. By linking the biometrics on the phone with an external service, providers can eliminate the usage of passwords. This in term will increase customer satisfaction and security at the same time. 

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Enterprise Management

Time and Attendance, BYOD, Workstation Log-In 

IsItYou's technology provides advanced solutions to enterprises who seek better employees management tools. 

Empoyers can manage more efficiently Time and Attendance.

Our face-recognition technology puts an end to "buddy punching".

Employees can log in to their work station, allowing to restrict and to secure work areas. 

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