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Ingenico Mobile Solutions is the global reference in mobile acceptance, allowing worldwide commerce to benefit from a combination of mobility, payment and business processing across all sales channels.

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Mobile point of sales solutions

“Point of sale” is no longer limited to the checkout aisle at the front of a brick-and-mortar store. In today’s global marketplace, consumers are using mobile technologies to browse, book and buy, and they expect merchants to meet them with the same technologies. 

Whether accepting electronic payments in the store aisle, at a pop-up store or onboard an airplane, merchants equipped with the latest payment solutions will satisfy today’s mobile consumers and ensure that they come back for more. At the same time they will reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their businesses. 

Ingenico Mobile Solutions is the global reference in mobile acceptance, allowing worldwide commerce to benefit from a combination of mobility, payment and business processing across all sales channels.

In-store mobile point of sale solutions

Personalize the in-store shopping experience by extending POS infrastructure onto mobile device

Leveraging our innovative and secure in-store mobile payment solutions, merchants can free their employees to become part of the customer’s purchasing decision. In-store mobile lets you check inventory and product information right from the aisle, combat showrooming, eliminate lost sales from long lines and service interruptions, and gain access to a whole new world of selling opportunities.

  • Provide the same level of service from anywhere in the store from looking up inventory information to scanning multiple items to validating loyalty customer coupons (barcodes, QR codes). 
  • Integrate with existing systems. Integrate with existing POS and back-end systems to ensure streamlined reporting and improved business efficiencies.
  • Accelerate the checkout. Accelerate the checkout process and eliminate line abandonment by checking out customers right from the store aisles.
  • Personalize customers’ experience. Enable a more personalized customer experience by reviewing past orders and providing recommendations.

Out-of-store mobile point of sale solutions

Accept secure card payments in the field, in consumers’ homes, or wherever a sales opportunity may be

Whether selling merchandise at a pop-up store, accepting charitable donations at a fundraiser, or delivering takeout to a customer’s home, Ingenico’s out-of-store mobile payment solutions provide merchants with everything they need to take their business beyond the store walls. 

  • Extend your business outside of the store walls and create new revenue opportunities through additional sales channels. 
  • Enhance your customer’s buying experience by accessing customer information, order history, or inventory while in a customer’s home, a pop-up store, or wherever the sale may be.
  • Securely accept card payments in real time, thus reducing the risk of chargebacks, fraud, or misuse of credit card information.
  • Improve brand perception by providing customers with a secure, convenient and trusted way to accept card payments.

On-board mobile point of sale solutions

Enhance customers’ on-board experience and create new revenue opportunities

Leveraging Ingenico’s innovative onboard mobile payment solutions, travel and tourism businesses can offer consumers ancillary purchases such as seat upgrades, booking management, onward travel, onboard purchases, and more.

  • Improve fare enforcement and customer confidence by leveraging a secure and convenient way to collect card payments for fares.
  • Gain ancillary revenue by enabling the sale of food and beverages, checking of excess baggage, seat upgrades, and more.
  • Reduce lines and increase customer satisfaction by enabling on-board ticket purchases, ticket redemption and travel changes.
  • Increase operating efficiencies and streamline reporting by leveraging an integrated mPOS solution.  

Estate owner mobile point of sale solutions

Create a white labeled mPOS solution or customized payment application that’s quick to develop, easy to manage and completely secure. 

  • Quickly get to market with an industry-proven, end-to-end mPOS solution that meets all of the latest security requirements. 
  • White label the entire mPOS solution to reinforce your brand and create a seamless customer experience across all channels. 
  • Gain a competitive advantage by developing a customized mPOS solution that integrates with existing applications, value-added services and back-end systems. 
  • Centrally manage your entire mPOS estate, while gaining real-time visibility and control over user merchants, security settings, transactions and devices.
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