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We’re addicted to mobile, marketing and technology. Basebone is a team of digital thrillseekers; fast, competitive and always looking for new challenges. For us, mobile is the perfect industry, constantly evolving and offering new opportunities.

Product description

Basebone specializes in Mobile Entertainment, Marketing & Billing


Mobile Marketing

We Create High Converting Offers For Premium Mobile Content

These offers are distributed on CPA through partner Agencies & Networks

Everyday we drive thousands of new premium members to our services through our online advertising campaigns. Our team of marketers design, develop and distribute creative sales material to partner agencies and networks.

We primarily work with Advertising Networks, Affiliate Networks, Media Buyers and Agencies on a Pay-Per-Sale basis. Our partners work closely with us to fine tune the sales flow and optimise performance, leading to a high volume of profitable sales each day.

With our commitment to performance and technology, and of course our strong partnerships with the leading Players in the industry, Basebone has tripled in the last year alone.


Mobile Entertainment

We Create Social Online Products Built Around Premium Mobile Content

These Whitelabel products are used by millions worldwide

Our team of designers, developers, curators, writers & community managers are committed to developing the best products in the Mobile Entertainment industry. Basebone’s products are based on a Freemium model, allows premium subscribers to register free and use most of the social features.

The premium element of our product line allows users to access unique services & download from a huge library of 3rd party mobile content including Apps, Games, Videos, Images, Music and News Alerts. Our premium users have unlimited access to all areas and content within each of our products to ensure maximum consumer value.  

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Mobile Billing Solutions

We Work with Carriers & Aggregators to Provide Easy Mobile Billing


Mobile Billing is at the heart of Basebone. We believe carrier billing provides the best way to carry out micro payments around the world. It opens mobile billing to both developed and developing markets in a user friendly way. Far from everyone owns a credit card and introducing payment details on a handset is often a concern. It takes too long and they don’t feel secure.

Carrier Billing has allowed Basebone to easily monetise it’s products and grow its user base exponentially year on year. We are currently operating in 4 continents around the world and continuously expanding.



Performance in technology

Performance is our priority and we believe technology to be its engine. BXP is our secret weapon that drives everything we do. It sets us apart from competitors and its our key to future expansion.

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