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Direct Response, Inc. is a trusted one-stop source for access to the largest and highest quality consumer and business databases in the industry. Direct Response, Inc. is a national provider of direct mail, telemarketing and specialized lists that assist in meeting all of your marketing objectives.

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  Plus, you see quick results... According to the Mobile Marketing Association, eighty percent of responses occur within the first hour after the mobile message is sent. As another major benefit, your prospect's ability to recall your mobile message is 20 times greater than web offers and 10 times greater than direct mail. That's great bang for your buck.  In your constant search for new customers, Direct Response Lists will take you to the forefront if this exciting, powerful and results-oriented medium. Going direct to the consumer via mobile marketing allows you to:      
  • Send coupons for an immediate increase in sales
  • Announce a special promotion or event
  • Invite your customers to visit a retail location
  • Register your customers for a contest or giveaway promotion
  • Ask your customers to download a customized message
  • Drive immediate traffic to your website or special landing page
  • Generate brand awareness in a personable, memorable manner
  • Pull out ahead of your competition without blowing your budget
Eighty percent of adults now use a wireless phone. Plus, today’s cell phone users are highly engaged with the personal content on their phones. To maximize your results of a mobile marketing campaign, you will need the direction of an experienced mobile marketing firm that will customize your company’s message to a broad variety of mobile devices. Direct Response Lists, will help you use correctly formatted phone numbers, avoid blacklist words, control the frequency of your messaging, de-duplicate users, and design your message with the most responsive text for your offer.  Breaking it down, there are two types of SMS (Short Message Service) or mobile marketing campaigns. Each is used to achieve brand awareness and sales, but they are very specific in their functionality and set up.   

Pull Campaigns

A “PULL” campaign is used in conjunction with other ad mediums (print, radio, TV, billboards, etc.) to help you build a database of mobile numbers. These numbers are compiled so you can text with future product offers. Your campaign will consist of a “keyword” (which we help you create) and a “short code”. For example, if you are running a TV, radio or newspaper ad, you could include this type of verbiage:        "Text the keyword ‘mobile’ to 12345 and receive this “special offer."    

Push Campaigns

A “PUSH” campaign consists of a text message sent to a determined number of active mobile phones. The purpose of a "PUSH" campaign is to blast an offer that will encourage immediate action by the consumer to access a web link directly from their phone, or to call a dedicated phone number for offer details. This type of campaign generates immediate action by your prospects, plus heavy branding messages delivered directly into your prospects’ hands.  When developing your next mobile campaign with Direct Response Lists, you will narrow your audience from a sms/mobile database of more than 45 million opt-in users who have agreed to receive mobile messaging. You not only target these consumers by geographic location, but also select from more than 200 lifestyle and demographic selections. Customize your offer and see results!


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