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We specialize in achieving top Google rankings for search terms that bring you the most business, and we help you stay there.

Product description

Located in Montreal Canada, Springboard SEO has been helping mid-sized to corporate businesses increase profits from the Internet with more findable, usable websites, since 2006.

Springboard SEO is a fundamentally different kind of search engine optimization company. Being found at the top of search results is only worth the business it brings you; therefore, we measure success by user engagement on your site as well as high rankings.

We specialize in achieving top Google rankings for search terms that bring you the most business, and we help you stay there.

The Springboard SEO Advantage

  • We're multifaceted, with over a decade of experience in all aspects of Web visibility
  • We don't rest on our laurels, we continuously test against the latest Google algorithm updates and measure the effects of their changes
  • We practice what we preach. When we make a recommendation, you can be sure we've used it on our own web properties and side projects
  • We are relentless in demanding excellence from ourselves. We're detail obsessed
  • We stay on top of the search industry, and love sharing our views on search engine optimization and Web visibility in general on our blog

We don't believe in cookie-cutter or band-aid solutions such as minisites or other shady practices frowned upon by Google. Instead, we focus on strengthening your brand along with its search visibility, so that continuously evolving search engines only improve your rankings. We're committed to the longevity of your online investment, not here-today-gone-tomorrow results.

Our Story and Team

Springboard SEO was created in 2006 by Matthew Edward. Matt's years of experience developing high-performance, Web standards-compliant websites kickstarted his enthusiasm and success with search engine optimization in 2001. Having manually coded hundreds of accessible, search-friendly websites, Matthew's background in semantically superior websites was a perfect segue to his present-day passion for helping businesses succeed on the Internet.

When he isn't doing SEO for clients, Matt enjoys experimenting with Linked Data, RDFs, SPARQL, and other Semantic Web technologies.

Initially focused only on providing exceptional search engine optimization results for our clients, Springboard SEO has grown along with shifting online behaviour to provide solutions in all areas of Web visibility. Most, if not all, digital marketing services we offer support our core solution, Search engine optimization.

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