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If you’ve decided to invest in mining equipment, do your homework and ensure you are putting your money into a reliable and efficient unit that can mine for profitable currencies.

In order to help streamline your search for the perfect mining unit, we believe your decision can be based on 4 factors: algorithm type, hashing power, power consumption, and purchase price.

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Canada Crypto Miner is Canada’s premier destination for all topics related to crypto currency mining. We strive to provide our followers with the latest and most accurate information and news about crypto currency and the mining industry. In addition to being the one stop shop for information and news, we are a local distributor of the latest and best mining equipment available. Our individual part offerings and pre-packaged assembly kits are available for purchase at the best possible rates and shipping times. Our Canadian advantage means we’ve overcame the supply chain hurdle of procuring these sought after units from an oversees manufacturing center to our local communities with security and confidence. We promise to provide the best rates, lead times, and customer service in the industry and to respond to all inquiries within a 24 hour period. Let us help you with our experience and equipment today!

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