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E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform  Machine-learning analytics solution to identify unknown threats already inside the network

Product description

E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence PlatformMachine-learning analytics solution to identify unknown threats already inside the network

The Challenge

Hidden threats are likely already inside your network

  • Total security incidents detected in 2014 were 4.2 million, or over 117 thousand attacks per day, a 48% increase over 2013. (PwC)
  • 67% of companies didn’t know of security breaches until an external source identified the breach. (Mandiant)
  • Median number of days threats remain undetected is 200+ days. (Mandiant)

Data required for security analysis is growing

  • The data analyzed by enterprise security organizations is doubling every year. (Gartner)
  • 40% of enterprises will be using data sets of at least 10 terabytes by 2016, up from 3% in 2011. (Gartner)

Organizations lack the right tools or skilled personnel to analyze security ‘big data’ and generate actionable intelligence

  • Legacy systems that use rule- and signature-based technology can only identify known patterns.
  • Manual analysis and legacy systems can’t scale to handle big data and prioritize threats.

Product Overview

E8 Security is transforming the effectiveness of enterprise security teams. By combining the power of behavioral analytics and incorporating human knowledge, E8 Security’s solution provides insight into the real risk and nature of security threats within the business environment.

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The Solution

Today, enterprise security requires a new strategy: shift the focus from data to intelligence with big data analytics

  • Detect previously unknown persistent threats hidden in the environment that legacy systems can’t find
  • Automatically provide a risk-prioritized view of threats based on behavioral anomalies and customer-specific contextual information
  •  Investigate and validate insights to determine the best course of action and rapidly respond to threats
  • Make the existing security functions smarter by feeding behavior intelligence and context to available security infrastructure

The E8 Security difference

  • Machine-learning, multi-dimensional algorithms eliminate exclusive reliance on static rules, correlations and previously known signatures
  • Breaks down data silos by integrating user, network and end point data into a single analytical platform
  • Constantly adapts to evolving threats and captures human insight to create a learning loop to become smarter over time
  • Out-of-the-box integration with existing technology investments enables customers to gain value within days of deployment

Why E8 Security

Provides visibility

  • Automatically reveals normal and anomalous behaviors, such as new, rare and coordinated activities
  • Exposes all relevant threat phases, including command and control (C2) communication, lateral movement, credential compromise or attacker persistence
  • Correlates behaviors, relationships and tracks attack activity inside the enterprise

Automates threat prioritization based on risk

  • Prioritizes high-risk entity behaviors and threats to enable analysts to focus on the most critical threats
  • Scores threats based on behavioral anomalies and customer-specific contextual information
  • Evolves prioritization based on analyst’s input, new data and an understanding of the environment: a learning loop that becomes increasingly tailored to the customer’s environment over time

Enables rapid investigation and threat response

  • Intuitively presents information to guide investigation and exploration of behaviors, threats and anomalies
  • Enables analysts to visualize relationships, explore divergent hypotheses and discover unseen connections to bring hidden patterns to the surface
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure, enriching alerts and events generated by legacy systems

Key Features

Data fusion

Identifies user and device behavior and extracts relationships in endpoint, network and access data. Generates rich context and eliminates data siloes.

Data exploration

Enables incident response-driven data queries and investigations based on machine- or human-generated context.

Risk scoring and prioritization

Prioritizes high-risk entity behaviors and threats to enable analysts to focus on the most critical threats.

Anomaly and threat detection

Identifies anomalous behaviors and suspicious activity and presents information to guide investigation.


Easily ingests data from any source and enables bi-directional connectivity to feed behavior anomalies, threats and context to the security stack.

Learning loop

Evolves prioritization based on analysts’ input, new data and an understanding of the environment.


Easily scales to manage the largest enterprise networks and integrates seamlessly into existing data centers. Available as an appliance or as software installed on existing off-the-shelf hardware.

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