Mobile Advertising Platform

Mobile Advertising Platform


Phunware enables brands to reach customers across any connected device.

Phunware is the pioneer of Multiscreen as a Service™ (MaaS) – the only fully integrated services platform that enables brands to engage, manage and monetize their anytime anywhere users. 

BY THE NUMBERS: 4+ billion ad impressions served monthly, 225 countries and territories, 18,000 sites and apps, 15+ billion monthly platform avails, Working with 70% of comScore 1000, 250+ million unique monthly users worldwide

Product description

A Comprehensive Platform

Whether you are just getting started or ready for the next stage of your digital strategy, Phunware’s comprehensive platform will enrich your app a-la-carte or with a full stack of features.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Associate brand-specific outdoor locations with marketing campaigns to turn your application into a dynamic user engagement platform. A user-friendly console empowers you to build sophisticated campaigns, and rich analytics help you better understand your customers and measure campaign success. Campaign types include:

  • Broadcast push notifications
  • Profile-based messaging
  • Real-time, location-triggered messages, including one-to-one personalized communications.

Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding

Bring your facility or campus to life with interactive mapping and navigation capabilities that integrate with iOS and Android native mapping. Users can easily find their way through your facility and get optimal routing to their destination. Maps can also be customized to include points of interest throughout the facility and serve users personalized content based on where they are.

Indoor Blue Dot Navigation

Your users will never get lost again with My Location and Snap-to-Route blue dot navigation across your entire facility or campus. Leveraging location-enabled Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LE technologies, the module can guide your application users step by step to their destination.

Mobile Advertising

Phunware Advertising is a branded mobile advertising platform with over 30,000 active iOS and Android publishers. Our comprehensive advertising product suite includes:

  • Self-service media buying
  • Real-time bidding (RTB)
  • Publisher mediation and yield optimization
  • Cross-platform ad creation
  • Dynamic ad serving

Content Management Engine

Our Content Management Engine’s (CME) server-side web login allows you to load, store, manage and curate all of the meta-data, media and user-generated content within your app in real time. That means you don’t need to go through the App Store submission and approval process for app upgrades. CME addresses the needs of global app distribution, including:

  • Complex policy enforcement for permissions by country or region
  • Branding by country or region
  • Advertising by country or region
  • Analytics by country or region
  • Integrations by country or region as needed

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Use a single login interface for all of your app’s business intelligence, analytics and data reporting. Capture, view, analyze and disseminate application-specific data in a simple format, from a single location—no need to manage numerous logins, data sources or third-party partners.



Phunware by the numbers: 

4+ billion ad impressions served monthly

225 countries and territories

18,000 sites and apps

15+ billion monthly platform avails

Working with 70% of comScore 1000

250+ million unique monthly users worldwide


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