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The Mobile SEO Pros is team of online and mobile experts dedicated to helping local and small business owners take full advantage of what the mobile movement.  We pride ourselves on building effective LOCAL SEO and NATIONAL SEO CAMPAIGNS that drive targeted traffic that converts into leads, visits, and sales! 

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We offer a Suite of local mobile & national solutions:

  •  Local Mobile SEO Services
  •  National SEO Services
  •  Premium Mobile Websites
  •  Pay Per Click Management
  •  Mobile Loyalty and Coupons
  •  Targeted Display Ads
  •  Reputation Marketing

The Mobile SEO Pros developed a powerful REPUTATION MARKETING SOLUTION called Reputation Advantage.  Reputation Advantage  enables your business to cultivate a continuous flow of 5 Star Reviews by automating the review process from real customers.  Reputation Advantage is a reputation building, management and marketing platform designed to help you  build a 5 Star Reputation.   Helping our clients attract more customers and drive sales has proven to be a great way to start a relationship!

Find out how we can help you increase your local online credibility within the next 24 hours!


Mobile Keyword Research:

Mobile keyword research is important because over 50% of all local web searches today are from consumers on mobile devices.  Mobile users search the web differently then desktop searchers do because they typically have different intent.  That’s why our SEO team optimizes all of our mobile websites with keyword phrases that fit the criteria of “buyer intent” which are more likely to convert into leads, visits, and sales.

Voice Search Optimization:

VOICE SEARCH is a subset of mobile search that’s growing in popularity.  When consumers are on the go, they often use voice search to find, visit and contact local businesses with “SIRI” on the IPhone or “Google Now” on Android devices.  When we build a mobile-optimized website we consider “voice search” as part of our mobile search optimization.

Recent positive reviews posted online are one of the key components Google looks for when determining websites listed in the local mobile search results especially for voice search results.  We have developed a secret weapon to help our clients get an unfair advantage over their local competitors.  Our Reputation Marketing solution, REPUTATION ADVANTAGE is the perfect complimentary solution for businesses that need consistent online reviews which increases mobile and desktop organic search rankings.  

Mobile Meta Descriptions:

Mobile meta descriptions are what show up below your website address within the mobile search results just like on desktop search results.  Each page of your mobile website need fresh relevant meta descriptions that reinforce the keyword focus and relevance of the page.  These technical details are a vital part of mobile SEO and should be implemented based on keyword research.   Plus, this information can also help mobile searchers to click your website instead of your competitor.

Mobile SEO Content:

Although mobile content should be fewer overall words compared to desktop website pages, content is still very important for SEO.  Concise content containing the related keyword phrases that articulate the relevancy can help organic ranking visibility.  Every mobile page should have well-written content to help increase mobile organic rankings for your website.

Mobile Optimized Urls:

Optimized urls are a standard SEO practice for every website.  Mobile websites are no different.  However, much like traditional website designers, typical mobile site designers don’t optimize urls which is a significant omission.  Every page of your website should be optimized regardless if it’s a mobile or a non-mobile website.

Mobile Site Map:

Your mobile SiteMap tells Google what pages you want your mobile visitors to see when they search online.  A well-defined mobile SiteMap helps the Google Bot for mobile devices determine the difference between your mobile and desktop content that should be displayed.  We include all of these key elements for every web design project we do.

Website Performance Analysis:

Website performance is very important for mobile.  Performance limitations of your main desktop website can adversely impact your mobile visitors experience.  Therefore, its crucial to optimize the performance of your main website as well as your mobile one.

This is a perfect example of where WordPress should not be used for mobile. WordPress is designed for blogging and it’s fantastic for that.  However, it’s well documented that WordPress is very bloated and slow-loading.  Mobile users don’t like poor performing websites and the WordPress platform falls way short in this area.  All of our mobile websites are designed specifically for mobile and are lightning fast-loading and work on all mobile devices.

Mobile Image Optimization:

Images can play a huge role in poor mobile performance. Image optimization ensures that your mobile site loads as quick as possible for mobile visitors! We optimize all of the images added to any mobile website we build.

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