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Welcome to iCrossing – an agency at the junction of creativity, technology and data.

We’re also the only native digital agency to be owned by the world’s largest independent media, entertainment and content company. Our access to Hearst’s vast reserves of quality content and rich data is a huge advantage to our clients.

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At iCrossing, we know that mobile is much more than a device. It’s a way of building connected brands that are visible, useful, usable, desirable and engaged. Mobile bridges the gap between the digital world and the real one, so we’ve been working on it from the very beginning. It’s not an add-on, an after-thought or a siloed service line. It’s an integral part of everything we do and a large component of our digital AOR accounts. While we have a dedicated mobile team, we also have mobile thought leaders in each of our services and industries whose opinions are sought by journalists and analysts from around the web. Our mobile marketing services include: 

Mobile Strategy


Our strategic mobile audit process helps clients understand how, where and why to invest in mobile. Mobile SEO

Mobile users rarely browse beyond the second results page so ranking is more important than ever. We combine expertise in traditional search, device detection and mobile search to help clients achieve visibility across platforms. Mobile Messaging

With over 4.1 billion SMS sent in the U.S. every day, we help our clients use SMS and MMS to establish one-on-one relationships that transcend traditional online interactions and put the power in their customers’ hands. Mobile Web Development

Rather than recreate the desktop experience in miniature, we develop mobile experiences that represent the client’s brand, respect the capabilities and restraints of each device, and offer the content consumers want in real time. Mobile Applications

We have the skills to keep up with the proliferation of mobile apps, devices, operating systems and APIs.  Mobile Paid Search

Extending paid search campaigns to mobile is one of the easiest ways to test the mobile waters while delivering real-time, localized advertising to users on the go.  Mobile Advertising

We leverage relationships with mobile ad publishers and vendors to create impactful mobile advertising campaigns across a variety of emerging platforms. Usability Testing & QA

We validate performance and conduct usability testing to ensure our work is bug-free and creates the desired impact. Mobile Reporting & Analytics

We can measure your mobile marketing campaigns and adapt programs in real time for better ROI.




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