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CSL DualCom Group Ltd is a leading international Critical Connectivity® provider specialising in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. The CSL DualCom Group encompasses CSL DualCom Security and CSL DualCom Health operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Product description

Critical Connectivity®

CSL DualCom provides Critical Connectivity® for M2M devices in market sectors where there is a threat to life or property. Our tried and tested platform, connectivity and managed SIMs ensure your devices stay connected when it matters most. CSL DualCom pride ourselves on the experience we have gained in the electronic security industry which demands always-on connectivity and 24/7 support. We provide Global coverage with our Network Partners and are already trusted to provide the most resilient platform for over 300,000 mission critical M2M applications throughout Europe.

Choosing Critical Connectivity® from DualCom for your M2M device offers:

  • Quicker and more in depth problem solving done for you - Building a relationship with a Mobile Network Operator takes time. With DualCom this is already in place.
  • A team of Communications experts at your fingertips - Let us worry about testing your equipment and use our 20 years of experience and Patents to get the best out of your device.
  • Guarantee of no bill shocks for you or your customer – Our platform has a built-in early warning system so your device will never exceed its usage and costs are fixed.
  • The best Mobile Network for your solution - Our objective network knowledge means we can recommend the best network for the specific needs of your device instead of the provider choosing the one that suits them.
  • No Network Steering on your SIMs - Your device will be optimised and you won’t experience the delays caused when a SIM tries to return to its home network.
  • Set up is already done - Utilise DualCom APNs and extensive redundancies and avoid unnecessary equipment costs, both initial and ongoing.
  • An online portal for you and your customers – Get visibility on the usage of a connected device via a user-friendly dashboard.
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