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Our Mobile App Platform embraces collaborative app development across multiple teams and projects and supports development “your way” with  Bring-Your-Own-Tools (BYOT). It offers centralized control of security as well as API and Enterprise MBaaS integration plus a choice of cloud deployment options.

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BYOT – Bring-your-own-Tools

Development “your way” or “bring your own tools” (BYOT) gives developers the freedom to do what they do best in the environment that suits them. 

  • Open Toolkits: FeedHenry 3 supports development “your way” whether native, hybrid, HTML5 or web apps. Toolkits include native SDKs, hybrid Apache Cordova, HTML5 and Appcelerator Titanum as well as frameworks like Xamarin, Sencha, Backbone.js, Angular.js. and Ember.js. For hybrid apps, the platform gives the option to build, not only for multi-platform mobile devices, but also as web apps. The development of native apps is supported with SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 with full access to other platform functionality.
  • Multi-platform Build Farm: The hosted Build Farm service provides builds for native and hybrid apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, generating the build and digitally signing the apps. This eliminates the need to maintain device-specific hardware/software environments. Build Farm supports the latest version of Apache Cordova with the option to create simple hybrid or advanced hybrid apps that include any chosen Cordova plugins
  • Online /Offline Workflow Developers are free to work locally in their own environment or online through the hosted IDE. FHC, the command line interface (CLI) to the platform, allows developers to code locally with their favorite editor and debuggers while remaining connected to the project, the team and all platform features. Working through the CLI or through the online IDE developers can collaborate using Git, leverage the MBaaS features and re-useable code, and self-discover new cloud APIs and shared services.
  • Credentials Management: Digital certificates and credentials are stored centrally so can be easily managed and discovered by teams throughout the app lifetime.

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